Stimulating the Economy

After being rescheduled by the dr's office twice, I finally made it to my Dr. in Altamonte Springs. Got there early so I was in and out quickly. Which means I had time to stop off at Sip N Knit. With gas prices what they are, it was the perfect excuse to stop in and see what was new (since I was out there and all).

First I checked out their new sock yarns. These decided to go home with me.

I got some Wildfoote in red to add to some black socks the IO wants me to make for him; the dark multi is Araucania in Rancho and the other is Jitterbug. All sock yarns. (big surprise there!)

I checked out the play pen in the back (where she keeps the 40% off yarns) and removed a few from there.

I got 3 skeins of Atacama to make one of my bils a scarf (not sure which one since I have 5 of them!). I was really surprised to see it 40% off since there was some similar to it hanging on the shelf. Doni said that it was an old colorway so she was clearancing it out to make room for the new. Works for me, esp since it was NOT cheap! And I also picked up some Cotton Classic in a hot pink that Baby Girl will love. Again, a surprise to see that in the play pen, but I didn't see any on the main shelves so maybe she's phasing that out. Not sure and didn't have time to ask since I was already running late and Baby Girl had ballet. We've got a performance in a month so we can't afford to miss ANY lessons!

With this new stash I've been trying to go thru the old to make room for it. Hmmm. Not a good thing since it appears to be growing. I've looked at old pictures of my stash from a couple of years ago and I've gone thru a LOT of it, but unfortunately I seem to be buying faster than I'm knitting. I went thru my charity yarns, both wool and acrylic (I swear that acrylic is reproducing!), but when I started to pull out my bags of sock yarn I had to put it back. It was getting too overwhelming.... Maybe next week.

I'll try to add updates of my projects on Sunday. I started a charity sock during ballet and also a square for Warm Up America. They are having a contest for those who send in blocks. I could win more acrylic!!!! (like I need ANY more of that!)


Anonymous said…
Our socks stash must look awfully similar. I have that Jitterbug and the Altacama in those same colors.
KSee said…
Love all the colors.
Wendy said…
Isn't it funny how our stash can grow faster than we can knit. I only started knitting socks just over 1 year ago and I'm amazed at how big my sock stash is right now. Your new additions are wonderful, I can see how they would be hard to resist.

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