Third Time's a Charm

We interupt Thursday Kitties for a special news bulletin. The socks are DONE!

These socks have been the bane of my existence for some time now, but they are finally finished AND he is wearing them.


For that I'm grateful.

Basic stats for these socks:

56 sts on size 2 needles
4" 2x2 rib
3/4" stst before heel
6.25" stst foot

started sock #1: 1/15/08
finished sock #2: 4/3/08

yarn: Skacel Trampoline Stretch color 238
70% wool, 23% nylon, 7% poly elite

Yarn was ok, but depending on how it was spun, you could see the elastic (poly elite?) thru it. Since its a variegated color, when it shows thru its not a big deal. I think it would be worse with a solid color.

Don't think I would buy it again, too many other sock yarns out there to use and try.

Tomorrow we will resume your regularly scheduled programming.

We were pre-empted for socks?!!? There better be tuna in these bags to make up for it.


Carol said…
I sure hope there's tuna in those bags, i'll send reinforcements if you need em ;-) The socks are great! I remember you said they may be too small, but looks like you got the size right on!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on finishing the socks.
aksunflour said…
Way to go on the socks... if I send you my pair can you finish them too.

Was reading your e-mail and then I realized "KITTY THURSDAY" gotta' check her out. Will check back later for the kitties.

off to bed for me... another longish day of work.

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