What was I doing??

Oh yeah, trying to keep up with my schedule with only one hand!!

I'm doing MUCH better with my hand, the swelling has gone down a LOT, and I have use of the last 3 fingers of my hand. I can stitch and knit (THANKFULLY!), but I can't open bottles or lift heavy things. You can pretty much see the knuckles on my index finger, but the bite itself still looks pretty gross. I cover it up when I go out, but at home I leave it open. My skin is overly sensitive and the bandage makes it feel worse.

With all that is going on, we decided to take a day trip to Disney on Sunday. We knew a cold front was going thru so it was expected to be nice. Disney is SO much better when you are not sweating like a pig. Plus we wanted to see the Flower and Garden show. Unfortunately the cold front went thru my area before Disney's area and we had a constant drizzle for the first half of the day. Could have been nicer but then it cleared up to perfect blue skies and the weather was beautiful. We didn't stay for the fireworks since the Rugrats had school the next day, but it was a nice break from the craziness of life.

So where are the pictures you ask?

On the camera.

With the IO.

South of Orlando.

I never got a chance to download them before they went off on a business trip. They'll be downloaded tonight with all kinds of technical pictures of computer innards. Fascinating stuff.

But entries w/o pictures can be a bit blah so I'm posting a picture I got off of ICanHasCheezeburger.com. Here is your kitty fix for the day...(and no it's not Hemi)


aksunflour said…
LOL! that photo is just too cute!

Glad to hear that your hand is getting better.
Carol said…
Nice to see you're keeping your spirits up :) Best wishes.

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