Don't Box Me In!

What IS it with cats and boxes?!?

I do TOO fit!!

You weren't planning on using the picture for the puzzle, were you?

Spongebob, I think I hear Plankton!

Let them keep their boxes, I prefer the space of a closet!


Diane said…
Love cats in boxes. Don't know why they think they can fit in anything but it's sure funny to watch a 15 lbs cat spilling out of a tiny little box all the while looking at you like, "Don't you have something important to do? I'm trying to relax here. Move along. Nothing to see."
aksunflour said…
Boxes and paper bags.. what fun.

There is a Kitty Thursday over on my blog go check it out. (just thankful that I only have 1 cat- can't imagine the mischief 4 cats could get into!)

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