I remembered what day it was!!!

So I will be posting my Saturday Sky on the right day! Here is my temp and sky at 3pm

and since I have nothing else, I'll pretend its Thursday and post some kitty pics.

What do kitties do on a hot summer's day?



I prefer an afternoon of bird watching, thank you.


KSee said…
jeez, that is too hot for me! I'll take up with the kitties, say indoors and sleep, or knit!
SusieH said…
Holy COW! It hasn't been that hot here in 2 years, and that was freakishly hot for the country!
Life's a Stitch said…
I forget that it's summer in other parts of North America, still feels like early spring here. We had our fireplace on the other day!
aksunflour said…
you are running about 40 degrees warmer again. Have a feeling that this is going to be a "cool" summer.

Bird watching my foot... staking out the hunting spot is more like it.

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