The May Rush

And so starts the mad rush of May. In this last month of school, we have a book fair, a science fair, an art show, a music program, Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother/Son dance, a ballet performance with extra rehearsal times, a baby shower, meeting with my stitching group and two awards ceremonies. If I'm not attending it, I'm volunteering for it. With all that going on, what did I do today?

Kool Aid dye yarn of course! I did one in a pot on the stove.

and one in a ceramic crock pot container in the microwave.

I swear I LOVE doing this!!!! It's like a really cool science experiment. I learned something this time around, too. Don't microwave in a ceramic container. The pot is fine, but it took forever to get hot!!! I've zapped up some socks in 4 min flat with a glass bowl in the past! This hat took 24 min before the dye was sucked up. The stove took 10 min. They are blocking as we speak. I'll take some pics once they are dry.

What else did I do? I finished this off for #1 Son's teacher.

It's a Lizzie Kate Snippet. I had to make some modifications in the size. Even using 18ct aida I had to leave out the books and apple in order for it to fit in the card opening. And I used DMC floss instead of the WDWs called for. I'm adding in a couple of school supplies and a Target gift card in a gift bag to make it complete. That covers one teacher for Teacher Appreciation week.

I sorted the fabrics for the quilt I'm doing for Baby Girl's teacher. Yes I know I'm insane, but I LOVE this teacher. #1 Son had her when he was in Kindergarten and she let me keep Baby Girl in class with us while I helped out. Baby Girl was in HEAVEN and was better than some of the Kindergarteners. She cried EVERY DAY (for the entire school year. Seriously) when we dropped #1 Son off because she so badly wanted to be in school. And while we requested this teacher for Baby Girl, there are no guarantees you will get who you want. Thankfully we got her since Baby Girl has been talking abt this teacher for 3 years. ANYWAY I sorted thru the fabrics and just need to start cutting them out. I've got handprints to add (17 of them) and while I doubt I'll finish this quilt before the end of the week, I WILL have it done by the end of the month.

On the yarn front, guess what came in today's mail?

One of the posters on the Yahoo CIC site was sorting thru her stash and was offering up bulky wool for free if we used it to knit for CIC, and I was one of the winners! I've been wanting to try this yarn for awhile, and this is the perfect chance. She wanted nothing for it, not even shipping. All that she requested was that it was knit for CIC. I plan on paying it forward with some mohair/wool blend that I can't use (makes my eyes and throat itchy), but is perfect for charity knitting. I'm hoping to cast on soon.

While all this was going on I also ran errands, including grocery shopping, and did some laundry. I've got a tight schedule for the next 4 weeks and God help me if somebody gets sick! And I'm still looking for that boredom I was supposed to get once I stopped working full time.......


Anonymous said…
The teacher card turned out beautiful!
aksunflour said…
Just a thought... is your microwave really that clean or did you clean it out for the photo shoot? I am impressed.

The card is great and love the yarn.

Please take time to smell your flowers that are in bloom and take care of yourself this next month.
KSee said…
my goodness, I was exhausted in the first paragraph!
Cross stitch card came out very nice. Can't wait to see what you knit up for CIC, whatever that is.
SusieH said…
Ditto on the microwave comment - you DON't want to see inside ours :) What a hugely busy month. I think the card came out beautifully, and maybe you are crazy about the quilt for the other teacher, but she does sound like a teacher in a thousand!!

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