Monday Morning Update

Alrighty then......last week was quite busy.

We had a Mother/Son dance

Saturday night skies (click to see the moon better)

and 8pm heat

Dress rehearsals

and the afterglow of a great performance

Some things were harder than anticipated while others were easier. Either way, it is OVER! and I can take a breath. There are less than 14 school days left and then we can start summer. Thank goodness the library offers free activities!!

Hopefully I will have something (anything!) crafty to show later on in the week. Cuz right now I've got bupkis.


SusieH said…
Cutest kids in Florida!!!!
Diane said…
What an adorable little frog. I remember the count down to the end of school. Now that my crew is in college and working it's not the same.
aksunflour said…
It's official.. you are a Mom and therefore have almost no life.

We are down to 3 days of school than Summer vacation.
Anonymous said…
Oh I bet that little froggie just LOVED wearing all that makeup, didn't she????

Very cute!
Vivian said…
That's quite an eye-catching little frog! and the afterglow!

We are counting down to the end of school too. My son has the last Spanish class today and he can't wait to get it over.
stitcherw said…
She looks adorable in her costume. Both of them look like they are having a wonderful time in their pictures, what huge smiles, they take after their mom. :)

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