There was a woman on Rachel Ray that had over 300 pairs of shoes. The segment went on to show how she had shoes in every closet in the house; her husband's, her son's, the den, etc. She had shoes from 1988. She didn't have an outfit for them, but she loved them so much she couldn't part with them. In order to help her let go of some of her shoes, they took her to Zappos (a shoe distributor) that had 10s of thousands of shoes. She could pick anything she wanted, but she had to *buy* them with her old shoes. By the time she was done, she had her stash down to 175.

My first reaction was WOW! That's crazy!! How can somebody have that many shoes? How does she wear them all?? But the more I watched the segment, the more I realized I could identify with her.

With yarn.

How many of us have yarn in more than one closet? I know I do. I may not have 300+ skeins of yarn, but I bet I'm close. And let's not talk abt the magazines saved for knitting, quilting and cross stitching, or the fabric. I KNOW I have at least 300 yds of fabric.

What makes this woman buy so many pairs of shoes? The same reason we buy so many skeins of yarn or so many yards of fabric, they call to us. The colors are just SO beautiful, the texture of the material feels SO nice. How can you say no?!?

So while her passion (for shoes) takes up more space than my passion (for textiles), are we really that much different?

I'm glad you prefer the fabric, it's so much easier to sleep on.


aksunflour said…
Obsessions... what thoughts you had me pondering today. I am obsessed w/people picking up after themselves. But since I have started knitting/ and sewing lots! my house has fallen apart around me... laundry gets washed but not put away, dishes get washed, meals aren't being planned.

oh well that is life. think I will pour myself some wine and watch a movie with my knitting.

Todays temp was mid 50's.
stitcherw said…
While I can't imagine anyone needing or wanting that many shoes, when put into perspctive of crossstitch supplies/yarn/ect..for crafting I pretty much get to the same place too. Pretty scary when you really think about it, however, I'll just go play in my stash until I feel better about my addiction. :)

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