You know how you start a project and have such great expectations for it? But as you knit along, you realize that it's going to be too small, or the yarn is starting to pool in a way you don't like? Or you're just not feeling the love??

You now have my Sunday. I'm going thru the basket that I keep near my bed and I'm realizing some of the projects I have going on just arent working.

Like this

is now this.

This bath mat just wasn't making me happy. It was smaller than I wanted it to be, plus I'm thinking how I will have to add something rubbery on the back to keep it from slipping. On a rug that will be too small. Nah. So now I have a POUND of kitchen cotton in my closet.

Then I went from this

to this.

I wasn't happy with the way it was pooling. I got this the last time I made it for #1 Son

more of a speckled look which I like better. The only drawback is that those socks were supposed to be part of a baby shower gift for a friend, but I can always make another pair for her later.

While I'm not much of a frogger, I'm glad I ripped out these projects. It allows me to focus on the projects I do want to work on, like Baby Girl's tank dress and my Maizy socks, both of which have been on hold.

And to top things off, I found this.

A size 1 METAL dpn. It was straight when I put it away, it looked like this when I took it out. There are no unexplained injuries so I have NO IDEA what happened to it.

While I wasn't feeling the love with my yarn, I was feeling it with my cross stitch. I stitched up a card for #1 Son's teacher. The stitching is done, now I just have to cut it to fit the card opening. Add in a gift card and you've got a nice Teacher Appreciation gift. I'll post a pic of it when its framed in the card.


Dee said…
Oh my golly, you've caught my frog bug!
KSee said…
on the socks-would it help to start at the other end? I'm no expert but I did find out that when I cut off a lenght of color and did a different rib pattern it changed the way it pooled. Can't tell if you did ribbing and which one. Worth a try
Diane said…
Boy you are a fast frogger! I usually knit a lot longer before realising that the thing I'm knitting vs the thing I'm thinking in my head don't match.
Kay said…
Oops! Some days are like that!

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