Saturday Skies

Local skies and temp at 2pm


And we still need to help my sister move.

I think it's time to build a cement pond.....


Deborah said…
Cold, Cold, Cold is what the weather in Jersey has been. I still afraid to set up my tender annuals because the temps have been dipping in the low 40s at night. I still have the dang heat on too!
Wendy said…
That's too hot for manual labor. Drink lots of water and tell your sister she owes you big time.
stitcherw said…
We had nice weather yesterday too. While not quite that warm, we were up close to 80, a nice break from the colder weather we've been having. Enjoyed the pictures you found for J and your kitty pictures. You always have such fun pictures to look at. My cats all like boxes and such as well. It is amazing the small size boxes they try to fit into (and actually manage to) on occation.

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