Saturday Sky

I've been working on the computer all morning so I was actually able to post my Saturday sky on Saturday! What a concept. Here is the local sky and temps at 1pm.

The IO and the kids are outside doing yard work and playing in water. The IO is also keeping the garden going.

Between Hemi and the squirrels, he had to build this contraption around the raised bed to keep them out of it.

So far so good. Here are updated pics of the tomatoes


and corn

I have no updated pics of knitting like I hoped. Thursday was a field trip and while I did some sock knitting on the bus, its not really enough to show anything. Ballet is usually another good time to knit, but costumes came in and being one of the only parents that actually stays for the class, I helped the kids try them on. And yesterday? Yesterday was a day of rest. OK comatose rest. I basically slept the entire day. Something that was definitely needed. And since I haven't learned to knit while sleeping (yet), I have no pics to share. I have a few projects in mind for this wknd so hopefully by Monday there will be decent progress.

Meanwhile, part of me wants to snuggle up next to this guy and call it a day.


aksunflour said…
Having a difficult time getting my mind around growing tomatoes outside.

Would you believe that there is still snow in my Garden?

Love the pretty blue sky.
stitcherw said…
Our Sat. was cold, overcast, and drizzly, far removed from yours. However, today has been great. Sunny and it might have hit 70. A little cool still, but nice for mowing the yard.

Good luck keeping everyone out of your garden, looks like you have a plan though so I'll keep my fingers crossed. As for curling up and taking a nap, he looks so comfy I hope you joined him. :)
SusieH said…
Costumes are in, eh? When's the show? Lily's is the first week in July, and I have NO idea what she's going to be yet :)

Props to you for frogging the projects that weren't working...You'll find a better use for them, I know!

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