Saturday Sky

I took this at 11:30AM and it's already 88. Explains why the cats are sleeping inside instead of out.

And I've also decided that I need to scale back with my schedule. Last week was crazy and I can't keep up the pace. I'm only going to do what HAS to be done, not what would be nice to do. It's amazing to me how much you can get done in your mind, but reality takes SO much longer.

Plus by the end of the day I'm too tired to stitch or knit. I think THAT is the part I'm not liking. So today the IO is dropping Baby Girl off at her rehearsal (they don't want parents staying today since all the dancers will be present and it will be packed). And I'm not going to the baby shower. I really should but I just don't have the energy or the desire to go. She's due in July so if I get her my gift before then I'll be happy. Plus that will give me time to cast on for another pair of socks and actually make those blankets. Later we need to pick up the red van and then I think I'm going to stop off at my LYS. According to their website, they have new Alpaca sock yarn in and I want to check it out. Nothing like buying new yarn to get the creative juices flowing.

Meanwhile I'm going to hunker down in a dark cold bedroom and get caught up on some mindless tv watching.........

Edited to add:
Well I never did get to hunker into that dark cold room. Instead ballet ran long and I had to pick up Baby Girl. And since I was out and dressed, I stopped at Knit N Needle Nook. I felt the need to be surrounded by color and away from children. I checked out her new alpaca yarn and it was nice!


And of course the longer I was there, the more I saw. So I got some of this.

It's Gedifra yarn and while it wasnt something I normally would have picked out, what caught my eye was the finished sock on the label. LOVE it so had to pick some up.

And they only had one skein of this, but I liked it and I can add different colored toes and heels ~or~ I can save them for kid socks. They'd be perfect for a boy.

Now that we're at this temp at almost 7pm

I think I WILL hunker down into that cool dark bedroom and play with some yarn.


Carol said…
Summer is here. Nothing cheers up the soul like some new yarn! It's really nice:)
Jacki said…
That alpaca yarn is lovely!

So does the paring down of the schedule mean no stitching day this week? :(

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