Sock Yarn Rules!!

With socks and sock yarn being on my mind lately, I decided to pull out the sock yarn and actually see what I have.

I'm a brave woman.

Not as bad as I thought.

With all the stash enhancing lately I wanted to get a handle on what I had. So I organized into brands. Then I counted.


Including the pair of socks that I'm knitting on right now, I have (cough, cough) 91 skeins of sock yarn.

Worse than I thought.

The good thing abt this is that I'm seeing some yarn that I forgot I had and plan on keeping close to work on. And it also showed me some yarn that made me think I was high on wool when I bought it. I've taken pictures of everything and will post on Ravelry (eventually) and will probably put some up for trade there as well.

I can use some of this if you don't want it.

Hemi, that's not the pile I'm thinking of. Now step away from the yarn.


Anonymous said…
Wow! That much, eh? I think you have me beat!
KSee said…
I was thinking hust yesterday that I should do the same thing and pull it all together but now I'm not sure I want to know the truth. I do know I do not have anywhere near as much as you have. Is that enough to make 91 pair of socks?
Must be that time of year - the great stash crash. I can't believe how much I have accumulated over the past year.
aksunflour said…
Umm.. I have just the right group for you over in Ravelry.

I can't imagine that much yarn.
Vivian said…
When I saw the picture I thought, well, that's not very much. But 91 skeins? well, let's just say there will be many warm toes.

I have my stash on Ravelry. The secret is, since the pictures were taken for individual yarn, I don't have to see what they all add up to, and I'm NOT gonna download the total!
Carol said…
I think you should buy some more.
Wendy said…
Well you beat me, I thought I had too much until I see your stash of yarn. You better knit faster....LOL
Diane said…
I'd count my sock yarn but I'm chicken. If it's in totes under the bed or on the shelves in the upstairs closet out of sight ... well then I can buy some more. lol
stitcherw said…
OOOHHHH, lots of lovely yarn. Bet you had a grand time handling it all to set it up and then had a hard time putting it away again. Hemi looks like he is sooooooooo tempted to sneak some.
Life's a Stitch said…
That is quite the collection!

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