Thursday Kitties

Who is this peon sharing my chariot?!?

If she thinks I'm leaving, she's WRONG!

Well are you going to leave or do I have to make you?

Who does she think she is, royalty?!?


aksunflour said…
Seems kind of odd to see cats outside in the dark.. with trees that have leaves.

And that would be why your front windshield is covered w/cat footprints- one would think that a mini van has lots of space for all.
KSee said…
little did the creatures who own us know how much amusement they provide. Cats don't get on my PT Cruiser because of the shape but my neighbor has told me Stanley get on her car. I told her I would have a talk with him!
stitcherw said…
Fun pictures. Didn't quite realize what I was seeing in the first one, and then it clicked when I saw the others. You always come up with the best captions.
Anonymous said…
The cats are amusing, as always. I checked out your "kool aid" hats. Look great to me, and I'm sure the kids that receive them will feel the same way.

Now, about that sock yarn, I think you had better get busy or go on a sock yarn buying strike. Egads!! Over 90 skeins?? You will go nuts choosing which to use next, and then nothing will get done........haha

Have a great day :)
Carol said…
~snort~ I do love the hats! Perfect warm weather knits!

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