Wednesday WIPs

Today has actually been a nice day. The kids were in school, the IO was at work, and I was home.

With the quiet.

Oh how LOVELY that was!!!! With school almost over, there will be few days (if any!) of quiet until Aug.

I took this opportunity to work on the quilt for Baby Girl's teacher. I have less than 2 weeks to finish it. It WILL get done.

I also took updated project pics. Here is a before pic of my Seasonal Spring.

and one after meeting up with my stitching group.

Thank goodness for this group, it seems its the only time I get to actually stitch these days.

Here is a before pic of Baby Girl's tank dress

and after

I pulled it out 2 days ago and have been trying to make a dent in it. It also shows the difference in the dye lots. Thankfully it doesn't look so distinct in person.

And while we're updating, lets throw in some pics of the garden.
Our beans


and squash

Now that the kids are home and the IO will be home any minute, the quiet is gone, but it was nice while it lasted......


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