What day is it again?!?

I'm SO messed up this week. With the holiday on Monday, yesterday felt like Wednesday (hence no Thursday Kitties, but a meme instead), but today was so long, I thought it was Saturday!
Today was a day of Kindergarten awards, airport runs and a stop at Joann's. I want to do a craft with Baby Girl's class on Monday and I needed to pick up some supplies. Two hours later we left. That store is dangerous when it's just me, but add in the kids, well lets just say they have lots of crafts to do this summer (which will be done in the first week), a new sweater each (did you know that the Lionbrand superwash wool was on clearance?!!? But no Sock Ease yet) and some new shorts and sleep pants (all for me to make). Thank goodness for clearance sales, coupons and 30% off sales.....

While I'm slowly cranking along on my Maizy sock (have I mentioned how much I dislike 2.25mm needles?!?) I started making some hats for Kristy. She is going to the Ukraine in Sept/Oct with a church group and they will be bringing knit hats to the kids there. Her goal is 300. Since I'm a sucker for charities where my stuff will directly get to where it needs to go, AND I have 2 hats just waiting for a new home, I figured this was for me. Two hats seemed lonely and since I was needing a mindless knit (knitting with size 1 needles is NOT mindless knitting, even with stockinette socks) I cast on some wool yarn and made this

which fits a 6 y/o

and this

which fits a 9 y/o (but since it wasn't *his color*, he wouldnt model it. So my ball winder will have to do.) I have one more on the needles before I take a hat break. These are basic rolled brim hats using different wools in various weights I got on eBay. I have to say they came out better than I thought, esp the one Baby Girl is wearing. We'll see if I can crank out anymore before I mail it out in Aug. Seems doable, but I keep seeing my project list grow by the day.....


Kay said…
I think rolled edge hats are very comfy! Yours are pretty, too!

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