Wool Hats on a Warm Day

Remember when I was Kool Aid dyeing some hats? Well I realized I never did post the finished products.

Here is the adult sized one

dyed with cherry Kool Aid,

and the one for a 6-8y/o

dyed with orange Kool Aid.

I really am lazy when it comes to dyeing with the Kool Aid. It's recommended that you dye the yarn first before you knit with it. This way the yarn is evenly saturated and comes out pretty uniform. Me, I knit up the product first, then dump it into the pot with the Kool Aid, nuke it until it soaks up all the color and then let it cool. The next day I wash it in shampoo and once its dry, it goes into the charity pile. The orange one has some mottled colored areas, but I think they came out great. I'm not sure who will end up with them yet, but they are in the wool pile waiting for their new home.

What's on the needles now? Socks of course!

I'm using the Maizy yarn to make some ankle socks. I think I may have made the heel flap a bit bigger than I should have but I think it will be ok. I'm knitting on size 1s and boy is it taking FOREVER! I so prefer using size 2 dpns.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with my stitching group so hopefully on Friday I'll have an updated picture of my Seasonal Spring project.


Anonymous said…
See you tomorrow! :-)
Vivian said…
The hats turned out great! I did some cool-aid dye-ing with my mom couple of weeks ago (her first time), so hopefully we'll see some interesting products coming from her soon.
stitcherw said…
The hats look great, someone is really going to appreciate them come winter. Your new sock is looking lovely too, the varigated coloring in it is so pretty. Hope you had a wonderful time with your stitch group.

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