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Going, going,


See the sock.

See the sock flop.

Rip, sock, rip!

I finished the gusset last night and decided to try the sock on. It fit fine on my heel, but the cuff was floppy! Even with the ribbing. I took the needles out and rewound it this AM. I did some searching on Ravelry last night to see what else I could make with the Regia Bamboo. Other than socks, there were also Baby Surprise Jackets and airy shawls. I have two skeins in another color that I might possibly turn into one of those shawls. I think the yarn would be wonderful in a drapey, airy shawl, especially since it was already doing that in my sock! So the verdict (for now) is to keep the yarn and find something else to do with it. It's really soft and really nice to knit with so I don't want to give up on it just yet.

So now I have no socks on the needles. What should I chose?!!? I haven't decided yet. I almost felt like I had no sock yarn. Suddenly I'm back in AP English reading the The Rime of the Anc…

Sunday Ramblings

I. On Friday a couple of us moms got together and took the kids to see Wall-E. Now I have to admit, I SO did not want to see this movie, even brought my knitting with me just in case I was bored. Well I never even touched it! I have to say the movie was MUCH better than I expected. There is very little dialog, so it's a movie you have to watch, but there is a good storyline to it. And while I won't give anything away, I *did* feel the urge to go to the gym after seeing the people in hover chairs......

II. I realized that I never did post a picture of the Rugrats' last day of school so here it is.....

What a difference a few months can make. Here they are on their first day of school back in August. BOTH seemed to have changed so much.

III. While my cucumbers and squash are no longer in existence, we were able to eat 4 ears of corn (which were pulled and cooked before I could take a picture of them), and my lone tomato is doing really well, too.

Here it's being guarded by a…

Socks on a Saturday Afternoon

While it was hazy and hot today,

(don't let the 86 fool you, it felt like a sauna outside)

I did the only logical thing, I stayed inside and finished up my Maizy socks.

and they fit!

I only bought a 50gr skein of each from Wild Fibre so I cut it kind of close with the white

but I finished it with yarn to spare and that's all that matters! I now have my June socks for Sock a Month 5 and I can now focus on my bamboo socks for the Summer of Socks kal. Since I'm a slow knitter and only adult socks apply, I hope to at least finish the bamboo ones and another pair before the end of summer. I'm hoping to have some socks for ME this winter. I tend to wear the same ones over and over again.....

Stats for the Maizy socks:

Maizy by Crystal Palace Yarns (82% corn fiber, 18% elastic nylon) in colors Ivory #204 and Springtime #1008 using 2.25mm Susan Bates dpns.

Sock #1: 4/28-6/15/08
7 weeks

Sock #2: 6/19-28/08
9 days (a LITTLE quicker than sock #1!)

Yarn is a bit splitty to work…


71As a 1930s wife, I am
Take the test!

0-24 - Very Poor (Failure)
25-41 - Poor
42-58 - Average
59-75 - Superior
76+ - Very Superior

SUPERIOR?! How did THAT happen?!?!? I took this test as a joke and figured I'd score poorly. How did I do so well?!?!!? I'm not an old fashioned wife, we eat out more often than we should, I don't dress for dinner, I don't fetch the IO his slippers. I don't put on make up and brush my hair before he comes home from work (even when he's not working from home), I don't keep a house as neat as it should be.

and yet I scored a 71.......Hmmmmmm, should I be happy or worried?!?

Sock Challenges

Summer of Socks '08 started on Saturday so that night I cast on for a pair of socks. I haven't finished my Maizy socks yet, and I usually don't like having more than one grown up pair (God you can tell I have kids; 5 years ago I would have said adult) going at a time, but I am a sucker for KALs and if I finish a pair in a 2 week period of time I get to be put into a drawing for more sock yarn. Because, you know, I don't have enough.

I only knit abt 4 rounds on Saturday, but last night while watching the qualifying Olympics Gymnastics meet, I did my 2 inch cuff (the requirements for SOS08) and finished the heel flap.


The yarn is soft and feels like butter in my hands. I'm using 2.5mm dpns and am getting 9st/inch. Good gauge for socks. And yet the sock feels........


Now for those of you who don't knit socks, they are NOT supposed to feel drapey! They should have some body to them. But this sock is a bit floppy. I plan on finishing this sock…

L is for



Saturday Ketchup

You know I don't have much computer access when it's been 5 days since my last post. Sheesh!

So what's been going on here at Happy Acres? Well I got to meet up with my stitching group on Thursday, a SOOO NEEDED day away from the homefront. If you go to Dee's blog and Jacki's blog you will get to see some pictures of our day. Jacki hosted our group this month and I got to meet her adorable animals! They are more lovable in person than they are in 2-D form. I just have one question that really bothers me. Who IS that old and tired woman sitting next to Dee or Jacki?!? That canNOT be me. But I guess it didn't help that Baby Girl felt sick** in the middle of the night. I ended up waking up late and I didn't have much time to do more than hose myself off and throw on some clothes. I was still an hour late. Never did put the barrettes in the hair until we went out to lunch. Oh well, you know they are good friends when they still look happy to see you, e…

One down.....

Image to go.

I finished this sock last night and it fits well. I probably could have added a couple of more rows, but as long as it doesnt shrink, I'm in good shape. If it does, then Baby Girl will have a new pair of socks to grow into. I don't know if I'll get the second one done before Summer of Socks starts next week, esp since this sock took me 7 weeks to make. Then again I am determined to get it done before the end of summer.

Saturday Knitting

Unfortunately I was unable to participate in any of the local WWKIPs, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been any knitting here at Happy Acres.

Here's what's been happening this past week.....

I finished off the last of my charity hats

which will fit a child 6-8y/o

and I ended up sending it off to Kristy

She's heading out to the Ukraine with a church group to visit some of the orphanages out there. If you want to do some mindless hat knitting, she will be taking hats up until Aug sometime (I think, check out the link to make sure).

I also am knitting on an afghan. It will either be for my local animal shelter or I will send it off to Warm Woolies

I'm using a double strand of acrylic yarn, I don't remember how many I cast on, but its a great way to use up my white yarn. Depending on how big it is will determine who gets it.

There has been knitting for us here as well. Here is my poor Maizy sock

I'm SO not enjoying working on 2.25mm needles and I think t…

Thursday Kitties on a Friday Afternoon

Whatcha doin'?

Here, let me hold that for you.

I think you're doing a great job!

My work here is done. Time for my break.

It's good to be the supervisor.....