And the winners are.......

First of all I want to thank everybody who entered my contest. I enjoy doing them as much as I enjoy playing them.

So who won? I used the random number generator to pick for the yarn. The winner of the yarn is Nancy! She was doing a blog search and came across my blog on the day I posted my contest. She entered and won herself some yarn! Congrats Nancy!!!!

The winner of the cross stitch kit is Jacki! She showed me her cute calendar of pigs. She offered to show me her husband's calendar of outhouses, but I think I'm thankful that she didn't. Congrats Jacki!

And the winner of the fabric is ME! Nobody requested the fabric so I guess I get to keep it!

Again, congratulations to my winners (email me your address so I can send out the goods) and thanks again to everybody that played. Here's to another year of blogging!

Great, another year of her stalking with the camera.....


Dee said…
Happy blogiversary!

Are you going to Jacki's next week for stitching day?
aksunflour said…
congratulations to the winners!

Hope that this year isn't as traumatic in the kitty arena as last.

Price of gas is now $4.54 a gallon. Not much traveling here this summer!
Oh yea, YEA, YEA! I love it when it is YOUR anniversary and I get the goodies. Thanks so much!!! My email is nmccarroll at mindspring dot com.

Thanks again! I will put that yarn to good use. And send me YOUR email so I can get your physical address to mail YOU something...a little "Thank you" that I enjoy making. Nancy

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