Blogiversary and PRIZES!

Two years ago, I decided to join the growing ranks of bloggers. Could I keep it up? Would I be able to find things to blog abt?!?! Well if you've been a reader to this blog for ANY length of time, you will know that I am never at a loss for words and will find something to blog abt, even if its watching grass grow or paint dry.

So to help me celebrate my blogiversary, I'm going to hold a contest, and since I have readers who are also quilters and stitchers, I'm going to offer up THREE different prizes!!! Some yarn, either enough for a pair of socks or a really nice scarf; a yard of Debbie Mumm fabric; or a cross stitch kit. No pictures of the prizes yet since I have yet to decide on the yarn.

What do you have to do?? Show me a picture of your calendar for the month of June. I know we have some really nice ones out there and I want to see them! You don't have to include your schedule (unless you really want to, but come on, this is SUMMER and schedules should not be that hectic), I just want to see the pretty pictures.

Here are mine.

The one in the kitchen with my main schedule on it (it's a bit blah, but I got it for only a $1)

The one in Baby Girl's room

The one in my bedroom that I got from Janet during our Virtual Vacation last year

The one in my office that I got from Jane.

Now that you have the idea, just post a link in my comments. You have until Monday June 9th at noon to leave a post. Also mention if you want to try for the yarn, the fabric or the cross stitch kit. I will post pictures of them tomorrow. Have fun!!!!

Wait a minute....were those DOGS?!?!?


ok; here is my June calendar shot from my purse-sized planner. I could use that pretty yarn! Picture on Flick at this site:

Happy June!
Jacki said…

Here's my entry!! I would be more than happy with ANY of those lovely prizes, but if I had to pick one....hmmmm....I guess I'd have to go with the cross stitch!
Jane said…
Happy Blogiversary! For my entry, see your blog. LOL Yup, that's the only calendar I have.
SusieH said…
Happy Blogiversary, and thanks for inspiring me to keep on bloggin'!!

My calendar entry is over on the blog for your viewing pleasure...
Nan said…
Well now, Happy 2nd Blogiversary!
I will post about your contest and show my June calendar pictures on my blog to enter and I LOVE knitting socks, so yarn is what I am most interested in, though the other 2 prizes are also very generous and of interest to me as well.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sorry, bad link. I've posted my calandar pic on my blog
Heatherly said…
lol, my mom wants to see my calendar for june too!
it is just our functional calendar.
Becky said…
Happy Bloggiversary! My calendar is posted on my blog

I'd like to try for the yarn, please.

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