Saturday Ketchup

You know I don't have much computer access when it's been 5 days since my last post. Sheesh!

So what's been going on here at Happy Acres? Well I got to meet up with my stitching group on Thursday, a SOOO NEEDED day away from the homefront. If you go to Dee's blog and Jacki's blog you will get to see some pictures of our day. Jacki hosted our group this month and I got to meet her adorable animals! They are more lovable in person than they are in 2-D form. I just have one question that really bothers me. Who IS that old and tired woman sitting next to Dee or Jacki?!? That canNOT be me. But I guess it didn't help that Baby Girl felt sick** in the middle of the night. I ended up waking up late and I didn't have much time to do more than hose myself off and throw on some clothes. I was still an hour late. Never did put the barrettes in the hair until we went out to lunch. Oh well, you know they are good friends when they still look happy to see you, even when you look like something the cat dragged in.

What did I work on? First I pulled out Too Pooped but didn't feel the love so it went back in the bag. Pulled out Seasonal Spring but didnt have the floss for it (Dee called that one too!) so that went back in. Looked at Kitty Cat Row but decided that wasn't where I wanted to go. So I cast on for Maisy sock #2. I finished the cuff and am just abt to start the heel, but it's going to sit for a bit since Summer of Socks has officially started. The plan was to cast on for the sock at midnight but that never happened. Instead I was barely awake surfing the web with a 9 y/o chatting away.

Summer of Socks has a few different contests going on and one of them is Socks on Vacation. I don't see us going anywhere this summer (the IO's new business + lack of funds = no vacation), but that doesn't mean that my Maizy socks can't go visit some distant relatives. Maizy yarn is made mostly from corn fiber so my socks went to visit the garden in the backyard.

It's nice to see family all together.

Awwwww. Can't you feel the love??

Things got a *little* crazy when they broke out the Miracle Grow

Apparently the city fiber can't handle the good stuff like they can in the country.

The more embarrassing photos have been deleted to protect the innocent. All in all, everybody had a great time.

What else is growing in the rest of the garden? Not a whole lot. We did manage to get 2 cucumbers before the worms did.

My beans are flowering but no shoots are coming out yet.

and I FINALLY have a tomato!

With all the tomatoes being recalled, lets hope this guy grows to full size. My salads are missing the red fruit (or veggie, depending on the govt)

And last but not least, here is my sky at 11:30. I could take my pick as to what to shoot. My sky to the east looked like this.

Big fluffy clouds with somebody out for a morning flight.

To the north it looked like this.

Hmmm, maybe we'll get some rain.

To the west was this.

Hmmm, I wonder how SOON we'll get the rain. As of 1pm, we have a downpour with thunder and lightning. Maybe the rain will help my poor little tomato.

Lord knows we have enough heat.

**Baby Girl ended up being fine. Apparently she had a nightmare that upset her so much it made her sick.


aksunflour said…
Now how is it that our 11:30 pics look about the same blue? oh yeah.. mine was at night!

your socks cracked me up- took awhile to get the connection though. LOL

and for the record (not suggesting you go stand outside to do this or anything) but a lightening storm would be an impressive Saturday Sky.

have a good day!
stitcherw said…
Sorry that you had such a rough night, but glad to hear she's fine. Your socks are looking great, and they look like they had fun visiting their country cousins. :)

Your earlier finishes of the hats looked great, they'll make some child very happy. Too Pooped is looking good too, nice progress. However, your finish of the quilt was awesome. What a unique end of year gift for her teacher, I'll bet she was floored when she opened it along with the Treasure Chest bank. So glad that you got it done in time. I enjoyed the side comments regarding cat help and the related cat hair as well, sound like my projects, LOL.

I hope you can go on one of their cruises sometime. The kids would love it, and so would you and your DH. Disney really knows how to cater to families and make sure all ages have a grand time. I'd go again in a heartbeat if I could.
CUTE IDEA for a garden display of sox. And you are quite a gardener!! wow! those plants look loved.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I'm really impressed. Fresh corn nearly ready for picking. Cucumbers fresh and fat, flowers on the bean stalks will be beans soon enough, and a tomato! Congratulations!!

I decided today I'm visiting blogs. It has been so crazy here the last several months I am so far behind. I needed to give myself a day off to visit my "friends." You seem to be doing well, even if you are sleep deprived.

Take care :)
Criquette said…
I love the corny little socks! They're so cute, I could gobble them up.

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