Saturday Knitting

Unfortunately I was unable to participate in any of the local WWKIPs, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been any knitting here at Happy Acres.

Here's what's been happening this past week.....

I finished off the last of my charity hats

which will fit a child 6-8y/o

and I ended up sending it off to Kristy

She's heading out to the Ukraine with a church group to visit some of the orphanages out there. If you want to do some mindless hat knitting, she will be taking hats up until Aug sometime (I think, check out the link to make sure).

I also am knitting on an afghan. It will either be for my local animal shelter or I will send it off to Warm Woolies

I'm using a double strand of acrylic yarn, I don't remember how many I cast on, but its a great way to use up my white yarn. Depending on how big it is will determine who gets it.

There has been knitting for us here as well. Here is my poor Maizy sock

I'm SO not enjoying working on 2.25mm needles and I think that is the problem. Summer of Socks starts June 21st and I'll be casting on my Regia bamboo sock yarn with 2.5mm needles and I'm hoping that will make a difference. If not, them I'm going back to my thicker sock yarn and using my size 2 (2.75mm) needles.

I also cast on for a shawl using sock yarn for Baby Girl

It's an easy lace knitting project that I got from Last Minute Gifts, but instead of making a scarf with lace yarn, I'm making a shawl with sock yarn. The yarn has a polyester silvery fiber thru it which makes it esp perfect for Baby Girl.

And I'm still plugging away on her tank dress

I have 4 more repeats to go before its straight knitting. It's not that bad now, only abt 180 stitches on the needles which goes pretty fast when you start out with 500+!

Not just knitting has been going on, I also pulled out my stitching. Too Pooped has been sitting since Dec so I pulled him out to work on. Here he is back in Dec.

And here he is after 4 or 5 days of working on him.

He now has TWO front paws and most of his belly. I may continue with him, but I think I need to pull out Maggie. She's been sitting longer than this guy.

I've been able to get alot done on my projects because I told the rugrats I needed to take this week off and just crash. Now we'll be doing more stuff, but most of it will be the free things at the library which means I'll be able to bring a sock with me on those outings.

Hope everybody had a nice day today. And for those of you in Iowa, I'm sending some drainage vibes your way. Too bad we couldn't get some of those rains over southern CA to get rid of the fires. Meanwhile I'll send some warm sunny skies out your way.


Miss 376 said…
I love the colour of the shaw yarn, it is beautiful as is your stitching. Glad I'm not the only one trying to juggle so many different things
aksunflour said…
Hah! I put a hold on DH's quilt... bored with it again.

Wish we could get some of your warm temps up here- the homesteaders are complaining because it is still to cold to put the gardens in. Me thinks perhaps that this will be only a potato year, temps at night are still around 38 F.
KSee said…
girl, your so much doing better than I.

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