Saturday Quilts

It's another hot one today!

which is why I took the picture from inside the house.

Since yesterday was the last day of school, I assume today is the first day of Summer Vacation. Apparently so does everybody else and the phone has been ringing nonstop to see if we want to do stuff. Thank goodness for caller ID because I need to stop after these past few weeks. I'm really looking forward to this break in the action, but I'm also sad that when they go back, it will be to different teachers and different classes. We had such good teachers and classes this year and I don't know if we'll be as fortunate in Aug.

Either way I did get done the main thing I wanted to do before the school year. With a day to spare!

WOOHOO!!! I was so happy to get it done too. I had the top done on Tuesday and just needed to layer the pieces and machine quilt it.

Hmmmm, but something looked off. I didn't like the way the class picture fit in. It was on light fabric and it looked too blah compared to the rest of the quilt.

So I took it out.

That meant I had to take out the bottom two rows of blocks and the bottom row completely apart to remove the picture block. I tried it on light colored fabric that would fit in with the rest of the quilt.

So THIS is the reason you use plain light fabric....

The 3rd time's a charm and we had a complete top. Now to get the rest of the fabrics to layer the quilt. First remove the kitty.

Once I vacuumed all cat hair off the fabric, I was able to start the layers. First the backing and then a piece of flannel that I wasn't too fond of.

Add another piece of flannel that I didn't like. Remove yet ANOTHER cat.

Fine, I don't want to be on your stupid quilt anyway!!

Add the top

and I was able to baste and machine quilt w/o anything major happening. After hand sewing on the binding (with Baby Girl coming in every 15 min to see if I was done yet) I was able to take the above picture.

Here is Baby Girl showing the back of the quilt.

In one of the planets I made sure I signed my quilt.

Baby Girl gave it to her on Thursday along with a treasure chest bank she painted. Her teacher was thrilled with both (she could NOT believe I would do that for her) Having somebody appreciate your gift makes all the time and effort worthwhile. Actually it may have taken me time to make it, but it wasnt a hard quilt. The only thing that gave me a hard time was that @#$% picture! I will definitely think twice before adding pictures to quilts in the future. The machine is still out so once I organize myself I want to finish up some of the quilts that have been started. Ok you've heard me say that in the past, lets see how much I get done before Aug......

And don't forget to enter the Calendar Contest if you haven't done it yet. I'm really enjoying all the cool calendar pics that are being sent my way. You have until Monday at noon to enter so come on!!! Send me a link of your June calendar page.


Anonymous said…
The quilt turned out great!

I didn't enter the contest because I don't use a calendar. Don't even have one in the house. LOL
aksunflour said…
Wow impressed w/the quilt. Flannel is so versatile.

I hear ya' on the quilt thing, think that June will be my sewing month.
Brigitte said…
OH WOW! That is quite the quilt! It's great when someone really appreciates the care, time and effort you put into sewing (and knitting) something for them.

What is it with cats and anything you put down on the floor. Although in the first picture...that does look cozy you know.
Anonymous said…
Congrats! Great job on that quilt, and that teacher would have been a fool NOT to appreciate all the time and work and love that went into that gift.

Alison Boon said…
The quilt is wonderful
KSee said…
what a wonderful gift to give. Missed the contest. I am so behind in my blog reading, jeez I have 222!.
Deborah said…
Love the quilt! What a treasure!

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