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Under the Wire

So I finished up my socks at 2AM this morning. I was a little worried abt doing toe decreases with navy yarn AND kitchening stitch around 1AM, but who cares abt blindless and tiredness when you are SOOO close. It worked out well and here they are.

Here are my stats

Heart & Sole sock yarn in #3966 Toasted Almond
Heels in Heart & Sole Sock yarn in Navy Blue
Sock #1: 7/9-17/08 8 days
Sock #2: 7/21-31/08 10 days

I used size 2 dpns and cast on 56sts. I probably could have used size 1.5 or even size 1s, but I got gauge of 8sts/inch which is fine for me. My cuffs are slightly different, on one sock I used a spiral rib but wasn't all that impressed with it so I used a regular 2x2 rib on sock #2. You can sort of see the difference in the pictures but on my foot, you can't tell at all.

But there is something that I DO see a difference in. If you didn't notice it in the above shot, here is a closer view.

I'm missing a blue stripe. I noticed that the blue on the sec…

StarDate -315574.85

With only 2.5 weeks left before school starts, I'm getting ramped up to finish some projects that I SWORE I would finish before the Rugrats went back to school. I've already purged the old clothes from the kids' rooms. #1 Son's room is in pretty good shape; thankfully he's at an age where all I need to do is get him started and he can do the rest himself. Baby Girl's room is a different story, but she's six and if her room overwhelms me, I can only imagine what it does to her. I'd like to get a little more done on #1 Son's quilt and maybe whip up a pair of shorts or two for each of them.

While I contemplate even MORE projects to start, I have bound off and seamed up a few others. Here is Baby Girl's shawl.

This was actually quite easy.

I used the Airy Scarf pattern in Last Minute Gifts, modified to fit as a wrap for Baby Girl. It's basically 10 rows of straight knitting with a row of yarn overs to break it up. I cast on 66sts on size 10 needle…

Sunday updates

Well I tried to post my Saturday Sky yesterday, but it just didn't happen. I even had it started, but was shooed off the computer before I could finish and post it. I think I have to move my yarn money over into another fund to buy my own computer. Lord knows I have enough yarn to sustain me for awhile, but I'm not sure how much longer I can handle fighting over computer time......

I did take a picture of my sky

but I find my sky 3 days earlier to be much more interesting.

We had a thunderstorm roll thru and while it looks quite ominous, the storm had passed and an hour later it was sunny again. Gotta love Florida weather.

I've also got updates of knitted projects. Here is the shawl I'm working on for Baby Girl.

I'm getting really close to finishing it, which is good because I'm getting REALLY tired of working on it.

My current sock.

I've been devoting so much time to the shawl, this sock hasn't been getting much air time. I really wanted it done befor…

Kitty Thursdays

Wow those are some cool nails!

They even smell lemony fresh!!

Ok, you can start with this paw.

O is for

Phantom of the OPERA

Atlantic OCEAN


Monday Morning Update

It's been a bit hectic here at Happy Acres, so I haven't had the opportunity to post my Thursday Kitties or my Saturday sky (never even took one), but that doesn't mean crafting hasnt been happening! I got to meet up with my stitching group on Thursday which meant Too Pooped got to come out and play. I worked on him a bit more on Friday before he went back in the bag. I also started Ariel from The Little Mermaid for Baby Girl. I have a book on Disney Princesses and will be doing 5 of them. It has nice blocks of color, but the faces and hands are a bit odd, lots of 3/4 stitches. And I finished my Red Heart sock on Friday. I plan on casting on for its mate tomorrow.

And where are all the pictures showing these things off??! Well there are none. Like I said, its been a bit hectic so I haven't been able to take the time to do a photo shoot. However I *do* have a picture of an FO.......

I finished it off tonight and Baby Girl wore it to bed. I'm really happy with the way …

One Thing Leads To Another.....

How is it that one simple little project can turn into a huge deal?!? One of the books I got from the library is Teach a Group of Kids to Knit. In my delusional mind I'd like to think I could set up a knitting group once school starts and I wanted to do some reading on it to see if it's even a possibility. #1 Son saw some knitted juggling balls that he wanted ME to knit for him. He starts going thru my acrylic yarns, which includes going into the craft closet, to pick out the colors he wants.

Now that we have the colors all picked out, I start to put stuff back in the closet, and I realize I've neglected it for too long. I have stuff piled on top of other stuff and things have fallen behind my bins. ~sigh~ So I start to pull things out to go thru them. I was able to throw a LOT out, and I went thru one full 7 drawer bin in the closet. I started on the other side but I just didn't have it in me. The yarn is organized back up on the shelf and all the things that…

N is for



Cloudy Skies (and not just on a Saturday)

Lately we've been taking pictures of the sky a lot. Last week when I was missing my mojo, I was up early enough to see the sun rise. I took this one at 5:54am.

and this was at 5:35am

Yes it was beautiful, but I'd still rather be asleep!

We've been getting some amazing cloud formations lately and the IO took a picture of one.

He wasnt sure if those clouds were going to turn into something a bit more ominous. Thankfully they didn't.

Right now? It's raining. Pretty hard too.


At least it's keeping things cool.

I took this one abt a 1/2 hour ago because it was the only blue patch around.

The rain wasn't supposed to start until after lunch so those who planned a yard sale for today aren't too happy.

Maybe they need to buy some new sock yarn! That really seems to have done it for me. In only a couple of days I've gotten so much done!

I think today would be a fun day to play with fabric as well. I'm in a fabric charm swap on Ravelry and I still need…

Now THAT was therapeutic!

I've been feeling out of sorts the past couple of weeks and have been trying to do SOMETHING to *reboot* myself (yes I live with a computer geek). Finally the IO suggested I go up to Ocala. There are a couple of craft stores I've been wanting to visit for awhile, but I knew that they'd be closed by the time I got up there. The IO said "So what? Hobby Lobby will still be open and you will have fun. GO!"

Well when the man's right, the man's right! It was EXACTLY what I needed! The first place I visited was ET Yarns. Erma has been in business for 35+ years and is right next to Silver Springs. She is trying out a website but she didn't know what the address was and she doesn't think she'll keep it. It's an older shop, she sells mostly acrylic blends and cottons (the shop is old, but the yarn is fairly new) and she carries some sock yarn. Not a great selection but enough that I was able to buy a skein of Fortissima Socka with bamboo. …

Butterflies are Free

Or in this case they're $5. The local library had the owner of a butterfly farm come out and talk abt how to have butterflies in your garden; what plants to have, how to set it up, etc. The big draw was you could buy a butterfly kit for $5. They only have room for 50 kids, but she finally had to turn people away when they hit 180! The lady only brought 50 kits and since we were #84 & #85, we couldn't get one, but we are on the list for the next batch she sends in. Baby Girl was NOT happy that we couldnt get our kit today. Can't blame her, we've only talked abt it for over a week and she was really looking forward to it.

Since I had the rugrats with me, no strolling thru the library shelves were to be had, but thankfully some of the books I had on order came in. I got a couple of kid knitting books, and also The Friday Night Knitting Club and the new one by Monica Ferris Knitting Bones. I think I'll start that one tonight. There are a few more on my list, but I&#…

Project Updates

I've only been working on one project lately but I haven't done a project update recently so it will seem like I've gotten a lot done.

First up, Maggie.


In three days I got another book, the white on her chest and some of the white on her belly done. It doesnt look like much but those color changes are killer! She's been put away and I think I'll bring Bag Ladies out. That one and Queen Ann's Lace have been in the closet for some time so I think its time to bring them out.

Knitwise, here is Baby Girl's tank dress.


I am SO close in finishing this thing off. Only abt 4 more inches to go on the back and then the I-cord straps. Unfortunately even with 2 extra inches added, this will still be short on Baby Girl. I'll have to get some leggings so she can wear this out.

My socks

I've cast on once, didn't like it and just took everything off. I'll probably try again this wknd after I finish the tank and get more done on Baby…