Butterflies are Free

Or in this case they're $5. The local library had the owner of a butterfly farm come out and talk abt how to have butterflies in your garden; what plants to have, how to set it up, etc. The big draw was you could buy a butterfly kit for $5. They only have room for 50 kids, but she finally had to turn people away when they hit 180! The lady only brought 50 kits and since we were #84 & #85, we couldn't get one, but we are on the list for the next batch she sends in. Baby Girl was NOT happy that we couldnt get our kit today. Can't blame her, we've only talked abt it for over a week and she was really looking forward to it.

Since I had the rugrats with me, no strolling thru the library shelves were to be had, but thankfully some of the books I had on order came in. I got a couple of kid knitting books, and also The Friday Night Knitting Club and the new one by Monica Ferris Knitting Bones. I think I'll start that one tonight. There are a few more on my list, but I'm way down on the waiting list so who knows when I'll be getting those. Either way, I LOVE the library system!

While we were gone, Hemi brought in his umpteenth lizard. I find most of them dead, but every once in awhile, one will escape.

SHHHHHH, don't tell him I'm in here.

Wait! I think I see his cousin.....


Anonymous said…
Is the lizard IN you SEWING MACHINE???? LOL

Lukas Nursery in Oviedo has butterfly kits and all things "butterfly". You can also get them at the Winter Park Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.

If you come down this way, let me know. We'll do lunch.
stitcherw said…
Sorry about the butterflys, that would have been a disappointment. Hopefully they get the additional kits in soon. Cute lizard, but I can understand why you'd rather Hemi keep them outside. Sounds like he has to much fun bringing you surprises though for that to happen. Glad you noticed him before you started sewing though, what a start that would have been for him to have scooted out as you were stitching away.

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