Cloudy Skies (and not just on a Saturday)

Lately we've been taking pictures of the sky a lot. Last week when I was missing my mojo, I was up early enough to see the sun rise. I took this one at 5:54am.

and this was at 5:35am

Yes it was beautiful, but I'd still rather be asleep!

We've been getting some amazing cloud formations lately and the IO took a picture of one.

He wasnt sure if those clouds were going to turn into something a bit more ominous. Thankfully they didn't.

Right now? It's raining. Pretty hard too.


At least it's keeping things cool.

I took this one abt a 1/2 hour ago because it was the only blue patch around.

The rain wasn't supposed to start until after lunch so those who planned a yard sale for today aren't too happy.

Maybe they need to buy some new sock yarn! That really seems to have done it for me. In only a couple of days I've gotten so much done!

I think today would be a fun day to play with fabric as well. I'm in a fabric charm swap on Ravelry and I still need to cut out my blocks. I was planning on mentioning Bertha, but I changed my mine. I'm sure we're all sick of how the news as been talking abt her for SO long, and yet they still can't figure out where she's going or how strong she's going to be by the time she gets there (She's heading our way. NO! She's heading out to sea and will fizzle out. But wait, maybe she'll go out to Bermuda. Noooooo. Yesssssss. No, they have nothing to worry abt. Wait, is that the eye wall heading straight for the island of Bermuda?!?!)

Nope, not gonna mention it at all.


Anonymous said…
I can't believe how much that sock yarn looks like the Berroco SOX that I just finished.

I was at Sip & Knit today and TWO MORE sock yarns jumped into my hands. Can you believe it?

It's raining here too. I think I'm gonna go take a nap.
stitcherw said…
Fun sky pictures, it is cloudy and overcast here again today. Oh well, at least it isn't raining at the moment. Nice progress on the sock, glad to see you've gotten your mojo back full speed.
Kay said…
Nice sky photos. I like the color of the sock yarn, too.

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