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I took them out for a test drive today. They felt great and didn't ride down my foot as I walked the mall. Monday we'll see how well they handle the washing machine.


I've pulled her out to work on her a bit, but it doesn't look like I've done much. This is the before picture, but I'm waiting on posting an after. I want to do a bit more on it so that it actually LOOKS like it's being worked on.

As far as a Saturday Sky, I have none. I meant to take one earlier, but never did. And apparently I'm almost down to one post a week. It's been a very hectic week with family stuff hitting the fan left and right. I've become the mediator between my two sisters, the IO lost a baby Pygmy Rattler in the couch(which I made him sleep on that night), and Baby Girl was missing for abt 1/2 hour to name just a few(she was so tightly curled on the couch sleeping under a blanket that we never saw her and she never heard us calling) .

Needless to say I needed a break so I went up to the mall by myself and then to JoAnn's for their big sale. Most of what I wanted was either gone or not what I was expecting. I did get a book on knitting jackets (which I thought would be perfect for me since I hate making button holes for sweaters) and I bought 11oz of 100% acrylic bulky yarn just because it made me smile. You gotta love a yarn that can make you do that! Unfortunately there was no new sock yarn by either Lionbrand (SockEase) or Red Heart (Heart & Sole), but I guess I shouldnt be surprised since I never saw Magic Stripes or Kroy in the stores either.

Still don't have my sock knitting mojo back, but hopefully Monday I'll have some progress to show on Maggie and there will be other knitting updates (maybe even a finish!)


Anonymous said…
Are you SERIOUS??? You had a venomous snake LOST.IN.THE.COUCH?????

Glad baby girl was found safe and sound. I can't imagine the terror of thinking you child was missing!!!

Hope next week is quieter.
SusieH said…
Maizys look lovely!!

I would love to get a gander at those Heart and Sole and Sockease yarns. I did see that Ben Franklin is stocking the Heart and Sole on the website...I may succumb!
aksunflour said…
Just to show geographical differences. I thought you mediating between your 2 sis's because the IO lost a baby rattle in the couch. LOL
But it was LIVE snake.. how scary is that! What are the chances that one of the cats found it? did you find it?

So glad that you found Baby Girl- I would have FREAKING out bad! Calling 911 and the National Guard and everyone else I could think of.

You definitely needed a trip to the mall for some therapy shopping.

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