One Thing Leads To Another.....

How is it that one simple little project can turn into a huge deal?!? One of the books I got from the library is Teach a Group of Kids to Knit. In my delusional mind I'd like to think I could set up a knitting group once school starts and I wanted to do some reading on it to see if it's even a possibility. #1 Son saw some knitted juggling balls that he wanted ME to knit for him. He starts going thru my acrylic yarns, which includes going into the craft closet, to pick out the colors he wants.

Now that we have the colors all picked out, I start to put stuff back in the closet, and I realize I've neglected it for too long. I have stuff piled on top of other stuff and things have fallen behind my bins. ~sigh~ So I start to pull things out to go thru them. I was able to throw a LOT out, and I went thru one full 7 drawer bin in the closet. I started on the other side but I just didn't have it in me. The yarn is organized back up on the shelf and all the things that fell on the floor are back where they belong. I have a ton of cross stitch, quilting and knitting magazines that I didn't go thru yet; that will be a project in itself. I also have a full drawer of recipes that I have saved to try. I really should just dump the whole thing, but I've been itching to try some new things lately so this might be the motivation I need. We'll see.....

Of course while I was back there I found 2 UFOs, one is mine from the late 80s and the other I inherited from my aunt when she passed away over 9 years ago. I haven't been able to do anything with it until now.

Remember these bags??

She kept her current knitting in this bag. See?

The yarn is ugly and scratchy and the sleeves are too short. I haven't been able to make any decisions on this sweater since it was the last thing my aunt was working on before she died. However today I finally decided what I'm going to do. She was a BIG animal lover so I decided I'm going to unravel the whole thing, knit it up into a shelter blanket and donate it in her name. I think she would like this, helping out a shivering kitty stay warm instead of a half finished project sitting in the back of the closet. I have a sweater that she knit for my grandmother so I do have something from her, even if I won't wear it. Baby Girl isnt as sensitive to itchy yarn so maybe when she gets older she'll want to use it. If not, it will stay as a keepsake.

And then there is my UFO.

I started this back in 1990 (don't you just love the post 80's hair and makeup?!?!) before we moved from NY and I never really did much with it since. When I pulled it out a few years ago I still liked the pattern but the sweater would be WAY too small on me. (I knit it in a size small and I'm SO not there anymore!) This is what I've done so far.

I hate to unravel something that is complete and bound off (even if its just the back), but I'm thinking of doing just that and making this instead.

I just need to see if I have enough yarn. I bought extra but not sure if its enough to go up to the size I would need. I wont rip it out unless I have enough.

So the small project of making a juggling ball

turned into a WHOLE lot of work! But at least the closet looks a little better.

Now if I can only get a handle on the fabric......


Anonymous said…
Good job with the closet. You totally deserve stitching day now.
Jane said…
Wanna come organize my stash?????
Carol said…
Wow! You have old UFOs! ;-) I should talk. Sorry I've been away so long, I missed you! That little ball sure represents a whole lotta work! But it was worth it, no?
aksunflour said…
That is one way to get the ball rolling.. LOL!

The gray looks like something I used to have in stash- mine is now green. I am so loving the Kool Aid dyeing process (not loving not finding Kool- Aids or their prices though 8 for $3.00)

What a rainstorm you had last week.
stitcherw said…
One thing certainly did lead to another, but doesn't it always seem that way? You start with this, and it makes that look worse, so you start that, and then it shows up something else, it's a vicious round robin, LOL. Anyway, your closet looks great. Cute juggling ball, and your idea for the sweaters (the one for the cat blanket and the other redo in the other pattern) sound like a plan.

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