Project Updates

I've only been working on one project lately but I haven't done a project update recently so it will seem like I've gotten a lot done.

First up, Maggie.


In three days I got another book, the white on her chest and some of the white on her belly done. It doesnt look like much but those color changes are killer! She's been put away and I think I'll bring Bag Ladies out. That one and Queen Ann's Lace have been in the closet for some time so I think its time to bring them out.

Knitwise, here is Baby Girl's tank dress.


I am SO close in finishing this thing off. Only abt 4 more inches to go on the back and then the I-cord straps. Unfortunately even with 2 extra inches added, this will still be short on Baby Girl. I'll have to get some leggings so she can wear this out.

My socks

I've cast on once, didn't like it and just took everything off. I'll probably try again this wknd after I finish the tank and get more done on Baby Girl's shawl.

This is what I've been working on the most, the afghan.


It's mindless straight knitting, just perfect for my mindset lately. I have played around with some of my acrylic yarns lately, pulling a couple more skeins for this afghan and putting together some more for another one.

Speaking of acrylic yarn, here is the yarn I bought at JoAnn's the other day.

Blogger is being a real pain today and I've had to flip a few of my pictures around. This one is staying. Somehow the picture doesnt do it justice. It seems so much happier in person. I"m hoping that it will make somebody visiting the shelter adopt the animal who is using it as a blankie.

Here is the book I got as well.

I'm not crazy abt the cover jacket, but there are other ones in there that are really nice.

There you have it, all the projects fit to be blogged. I think a little later today I'm going to set aside some time to work on one of the more mindful projects. I've been waiting too late to start knitting and by the time I do, I'm usually too wiped out to do much.


Let me explain with a cute little cartoon....

Five weeks 3 days before school starts. This is why the IO is at the store right now buying a pool.


KSee said…
Maggie is looking good. I once did all needlework until I could not see well for the close up work. Too much trouble working with a magnifer. I tell you this so you know I understand the work that goes into one project. The cartoon is darling and says it all.
Anonymous said…
I just love the Maggie Cross Stitch. It will be adorable when completed.
stitcherw said…
My, you got a lot done. Between progress on Maggie, the tank dress, the afgan, and your socks you had quite a selection of updates to showcase. Maggie is so cute, I really enjoyed seeing how she's coming along. Cute cartoon too, and all to true. :)

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