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With only 2.5 weeks left before school starts, I'm getting ramped up to finish some projects that I SWORE I would finish before the Rugrats went back to school. I've already purged the old clothes from the kids' rooms. #1 Son's room is in pretty good shape; thankfully he's at an age where all I need to do is get him started and he can do the rest himself. Baby Girl's room is a different story, but she's six and if her room overwhelms me, I can only imagine what it does to her. I'd like to get a little more done on #1 Son's quilt and maybe whip up a pair of shorts or two for each of them.

While I contemplate even MORE projects to start, I have bound off and seamed up a few others. Here is Baby Girl's shawl.

This was actually quite easy.

I used the Airy Scarf pattern in Last Minute Gifts, modified to fit as a wrap for Baby Girl. It's basically 10 rows of straight knitting with a row of yarn overs to break it up. I cast on 66sts on size 10 needles and kept going until I ran out of yarn. I think I had abt 12 inches left after I cast off. The total length is 36.5".

Yarn is Fortissima Colori Disco Socka #5. It's got a silvery strand spun in it to give it a bit of a glitzy look to it

Project time was 6/8/08 thru 7/27/08, a total of 7 weeks. Again, between being a slow knitter and having other projects going on as well, it takes me longer than somebody else who would devote all their knitting time to one project.

Overall verdict: She LOVES it! I was afraid that the silvery strand might be a bit scratchy, but she doesn't even feel it. She puts it on occasionally but she doesn't want to mess it up so she gives it back to me to hold on to for when we go out. Her poncho has been designated for school.

I also finished seaming up these for #1 Son

I used bits of kitchen cotton, acrylic and the red is actually some Lamb's Pride Cotton Fleece. I really like the feel of the way it knits up, something to keep in mind for any future projects.

As far as my current sock, I'm half way thru the heel. I have three days to finish it up so I can count it for both SOS08 and SAM6. I was going to whip out a pair of charity socks so I'd at least have something for SAM6, but I knew if I just focused on the sock, I'd get it done in time. Here's hoping. I want to turn the heel and finish the gusset so that I'm at the main part of the foot by the time I go to sleep tonight. I *might* be able to do it.

Meanwhile Hemi says

Let's hope *I* don't find the silvery thread scratchy...


Sandra said…
And who wouldn't love such a pretty shawl? You have been one very busy lady, a shawl, balls, socks, a sweater. How do you keep it all straight in your head? I would be so confused.....haha

I'm a slow knitter too, even when I only work on one thing at a time.
SusieH said…
Lovely modelling there - the shawl is just perfect for her. I should make one for Miss Lil :)
Anonymous said…
You're getting there!

The shawl looks very nice!
cici said…
what a cute model she is. I too am doing SOS/08,I will look for you there, it has been a lot of fun. I have to say I haven't gotten much sleep for my knitting lately... Your blog is lovely. :D
aksunflour said…
Wow that shawl turned out great!

Did you use that odd ball yarn that I gifted you in one of those balls? They look fast and cute! Are they for juggling?
Diane said…
Lovely shawl for your little one. I'm sure she'll be the envy of all.

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