Under the Wire

So I finished up my socks at 2AM this morning. I was a little worried abt doing toe decreases with navy yarn AND kitchening stitch around 1AM, but who cares abt blindless and tiredness when you are SOOO close. It worked out well and here they are.

Here are my stats

Heart & Sole sock yarn in #3966 Toasted Almond
Heels in Heart & Sole Sock yarn in Navy Blue
Sock #1: 7/9-17/08 8 days
Sock #2: 7/21-31/08 10 days

I used size 2 dpns and cast on 56sts. I probably could have used size 1.5 or even size 1s, but I got gauge of 8sts/inch which is fine for me. My cuffs are slightly different, on one sock I used a spiral rib but wasn't all that impressed with it so I used a regular 2x2 rib on sock #2. You can sort of see the difference in the pictures but on my foot, you can't tell at all.

But there is something that I DO see a difference in. If you didn't notice it in the above shot, here is a closer view.

I'm missing a blue stripe. I noticed that the blue on the second sock wasn't as deep as the first, but I wasn't too concerned with it until I saw the missing stripe. I'm a bit disappointed in that, but they fit really well (I'm loving my longer heel flap) so they will stay. (and yes they are the same dye lot)

You can see the lightness of the blue in one sock vs the other.

Overall, I *was* really happy abt this yarn. A good sock yarn at a reasonable price, but I have to say the differences in the blue in each skein will make me wonder what I'll get when I knit up the Spring Stripes. It was probably just a fluke, but I will email Red Heart and let them know. Maybe I'll get some solid yarn in its place. Which, BTW was nice! The navy in the heels had a nicer feel to it.

I have spent more time this afternoon than I would have liked looking thru the sock yarn to see what I should cast on next. I finally decided to use the yarn I got from NH KnittingMama. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a pattern on them or if I want the yarn to sing for itself.


Anonymous said…
Congrats on the finish. I never would have noticed the missing stripe unless you said something.

They look SO much like my Berrocco SOX yarn. Hopefully, we'll get some nice cold weather this winter so we can wear our socks!

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