The Birth of a Butterfly

Some of you may recall that in the early part of the month we went to the local library to get ourselves a butterfly kit only to be too far on the list to get one. Well it turns out the lady from the butterfly farm had some kits overnighted to the library and we were able to get ours the following day, on the 10th.

On the 12th, our catepillars looked like this.

This one is #1 Son's (known at B1). He is growing big and fat.

This one is Baby Girl's (known as B2)

He apparently had a small crab spider mixed in with his food and the spider was spinning a web around him. He was slowly dying. We got rid of the spider and the excess web which led this guy to start moving around and eating again.

By the 16th, B1 looked like this.

B2 had another setback since apparently there was yet ANOTHER spider in there with him.

We got that one cleaned out yet again and were beginning to wonder what the outcome would be for this little guy.

On the 23th B1 now looked like this.

Wait, where is he?!!?


We moved him from the plastic cup he was in to the aquarium to give him more space and to allow him to dry his wings easier. He was released into the wild (aka our front yard) that evening.

B2 thankfully changed into a chrysalis, but he had been knocked down from the counter and was knocked off his web that kept him dangling from the top of the cup. So now he's attached to a coffee stirrer with a chip clip.

One can only wonder how he's doing.

Well the next day we have confirmation


Click on this picture to see him sticking his tongue out. In fact ALL pictures are clickable to see them up close and personal.

How this guy survived is amazing to me. Actually the whole process is amazing to me, but with the things this guy had to overcome just to be, well, just to BE, was thrilling. Especially since this was Baby Girl's.

He was released in the wild that night. This was just before pre-flight.

Of course Baby Girl cried when he flew away. I told her it's always hard to let your baby go, and while she was sad, she should be happy that she gave him a good strong beginning and he can go off into the world a better butterfly for it. She seemed to understand, but one has to wonder if this isn't a preview for me of things to come 10 years from now.


Anonymous said…
You got GREAT pictures!

You'll have to remind baby Girl how hard it is to let her baby go when SHE is ready to "try her wings".
Alison Boon said…
Yep those words will come back adn you'll have this lovley moment to remind her of. It is hard to watch them take flight into the world without you, but kinda of a relief too.
KSee said…
what a wonderful experience for the kids and us too. wonderful pictures.
Thanks for sharing this! What a cool post.
aksunflour said…
It is amazing how different the 2 butterflies are. Good thing you caught the 2 spiders and rescued the poor 'pillar.
Jennifer said…
That was fun to see. Thanks for sharing that great science experiment. I should try that with my kids.

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