The Enduring Travels of Fay

What Fay has lacked in flash, she has made up in endurance. This storm just will not go away! She has pretty much stalled over the Daytona Beach area. Thankfully I am more centrally located in the state and higher up so I'm not dealing with inches and inches of rain (one area is reporting 25" of rain; TWENTY FIVE!) We are just getting a constant drizzle with the occasional burst of downpour and gusty winds. The rugrats are back in school today which made our morning commute messy, wet and late. However I'll take that over having to be rescued by a boat from my house. And I'm not even thinking abt beach erosion.

We're just barely in the Cone of Destruction

and hopefully by tonight it will clear up a bit so we can start to dry out.

I don't care WHO this chick is, just make her go away!


Jane said…
I was thinking of you today, and hoping you weren't too far under water. Miss Fay could have done us a big favor here and visited. We NEED the water badly! Hope she meander off from your neck of the woods soon, though.
Diane said…
I wanted to pop in to make sure you haven't been washed out to sea (like the cats would raise a finger to help you).

I was glad to see that the local surfers are finally standing up to the beach patrol: They beach partol can't make us get out. They don't own the water! Hummmm now doesn't that just beg the question of who you think will be risking their lives to save your sorry ass when you start to drown? Guess you don't have to be smart to surf.

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