Some blue sky!!!!

Haven't seen any of that in a LONG time. So while we are STILL getting feeder bands from Fay, she is now out on the panhandle of Florida and for the most part leaving us to dry out. We ended up getting abt 6-7" of rain with wind gusts of 40mph on Thursday, our worse day of it all. Of course that is the ONLY day the rugrats went to school.

Here is my weather when I went to pick them up.

We've had worse, but still not fun to be out in. Which is why I can't figure out why this guy was sitting on the swing Thursday night.

I thought I was seeing things, but when I went outside, there he was, sitting on the slide protected by the wind from my tree, but still getting wet. He was having himself a little shower!!! Looking at ME like I was the crazy one. He eventually flew away, hopefully to his safe little nest to stay somewhat dry.

We did have one casualty from Fay.

This is/was my cassia tree. It's fallen over before and we've had to tie it back up, but this time it snapped at the base of the tree. It's really meant to be a bush, but you can trim it to be a tree which is what we did. Not major, just one more thing that we'll need to replace.

While Fay was visiting, I was able to work on a few projects.
My sock.

I need to cast on for the 2nd one.

A toddler sweater for Children in Common

I actually have much more of this done. This pic was taken when I was at the arm hole opening, but since then I've finished the rest of the back and starting the front.

Lucy: I'm FINALLY no longer trapped in that house. FREEDOM!!!


stitcherw said…
Sounds like your area was quite lucky so far with minimal damage from Fay. Hopefully she's all passed now. To bad on the tree, it's a shame it had to snap rather than uproot where you might have been able to replant it. Nice progress on your sock and sweater, having to stay inside for nasty weather does sometimes have side benefits.
June said…
Glad you made it thru the storm in good condition. Looks like we will get some rain from the remnants of Fay this week in NC. That has been one crazy hurricane.
Carol said…
Hey girl! I've been out of it for quite some time. You guys OK? What a pain Fay was, no? She visited here Mon & Tue which extended the summer vacay for the kids. We sure needed the rain though. And what's following in her path? A new disturbance. Yuk!

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