Hurry up and wait......

So we have Fay coming to visit Florida. Well apparently she wants to see ALL of Florida because she started in the Keys, went to Naples and is heading across the state. She will hit the beaches of Ft Pierce (we THINK), head out for a swim in the Atlantic and then come back to FL near Jacksonville. Or she could skip the beach and just head north to Orlando. She apparently can't decide and every day we get a different cone of destruction. The IO is going nuts because we've had hardly any weather here at all. Meanwhile everything is on hold because *you never know*. I don't want a BAD storm, but a bit more rain and wind that makes you go OHHHH would be worthy of 2 days off of school!

Her plans on Saturday

and tonight

This is why they use that cone, because weather just wants to keep you guessing. She's still in her cone, but taking the scenic tour around.

Meanwhile I'm not getting much done at all. I'm still slugging away on my sock, I have abt an inch left before I start my toe decrease; I have yet to start the front of my sweater (there seems to be an error in the pattern, but I can't find a fix for it on line); I've done abt 4" on the cat blanket; and I've started a sweater for CIC. I needed a diversion from the 3 I have OTN.

You weren't planning on using this cooler for anything, were you?


Life's a Stitch said…
Hope she doesn't stay for long.
KSee said…
she sure is a crazy one.
Hope you just get the rain you want and all the other stuff doesn't do anything bad.
Wendy said…
Kitty in the cooler sure looks cute. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I have to leave a reply here. It works really well to have the quilts and cars together. The quilts are all hung in shop windows the night before using suction cups and those big black clips. They take them down early the day after the show. That would be wonderful if your LQS did the same thing.
I didn't take a picture of mine, I've edited my post. I found out after that I won a first ribbon...whoohoo.

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