It Grew Up

And told me what it wanted to be.

A shelter blanket.

I started this afghan 5/21/08 and couldnt decide if it would end up as a kitty blanket for the shelter or if it would end up big enough to give to Warm Woolies (they need the smallest side to be 40"). I used all the yarn I set aside for this afghan/blanket and bound off on 8/3/08. It measures 47"x30". Yes I could have added more yarn to make it bigger, but I really like the way it looks and knew I wouldn't be happy with the final result if I changed the color scheme. It is now in my bag to give to the shelter. I cast on 131 stitches using a size 13 circular needle and used double strands of acrylic yarn to make it squishy. The pink is used as the main color thruout with white, tan and brown to make the stripes. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and its large enough to make one of the larger animals comfy. I need to cast on for another one because they are a great way for me to knit at night when I'm too tired for my sock.

As I was sorting my bags of projects I realized I never posted updates of the latest progress in cross stitching.

Here is Ariel.

There are lots of 1/4 and 3/4 stitches in this which makes it a bit of a pain to work with, but the overall project is fairly small so it shouldn't take me too look to complete.

And here is Too Pooped


I got more of his hip done. Not much left to do for the cat, but that tree is going to make me nuts with all the browns involved.

I think the next one to come out and play will be my Seasonal Fall. It's already Aug and if I want to finish it for this year, I need to start now......


Dee said…
You've been a busy stitcher.

The shelter blanket turned out very pretty.

What are you bringing to stitch day on the 21st?

I think I'll probably still be working on Steve's Christmas present.

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