Kitty Olympics

High Jump

Synchronized Neighborhood Watch

Yarn Relay

Freestyle Sleeping

GOOD leg extention!

Nice form.

Look at that effort!

WOW a half twist while laying in the apparatus! I think we have our Gold Medal winner!

I am SOO ready for the hot tub.


SusieH said…
Can I be a cat? I could TOTALLY get down with the freestyle sleeping category :)
Anonymous said…
Your cats get into the funniest positions! LOL
aksunflour said…
LOL! Took me awhile to even realize that yes today is Thursday and you aren't messing with us all by posting a day early.

It is so much fun to see how you label your kitty shots each week.
stitcherw said…
Love the kitty pictures, especially the one with the yarn. Somehow yarn/string is just so irresistible. The one in the basket was really cute too. Good luck with the job hunt, the one at the school sounds like it would work out perfect.
Anonymous said…
My Dear Friend,
Have you ever thought of putting together a coffee-table book of your Thursday Kitties? Well, you should! It would give a smile, or many smiles, to anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it.

Becky said…
Oh, I just love freestyle sleeping! Too funny!
KSee said…
love the titles. they all get a gold metal.

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