Reading is Fundamental

I've always been a reader. My mom never was, but she knew how important books were so she made sure I had a few of my own at home. I remember having a few of the Golden Books and my aunt got me a couple of Richard Scarry books. LOVED those! The details were amazing to me and I loved how they explained jobs and farming and plumbing in a way I could understand.

In first grade I remember the RIF trailer coming to school and I got to pick out a brand new book for me!!! (It was about a cat of course) I loved going to the library and picking out books about Pippi Longstocking, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle or Encyclopedia Brown. The motherload came when a friend of ours was selling off her collection of Nancy Drew books. My mom bought them for me and I was SO happy! When I put them in the book shelf that night I just couldn't wait to read each and every one of them. I did, too, three times each.

In elementary school I remember My Darling My Hamburger, 100 Dresses, anything by Judy Blume. In Jr High, I was introduced to V.C. Andrews. Wow, what an emotionally charged series. Made me cry every time. I read her books until my early 20s. The IO could NOT understand how I could read those books, esp when I hated sad movies with sad endings, but it was a like a train wreck, I couldn't turn away.

The only time I didn't enjoy reading was when I was in AP English and I HAD to read certain books. Crime and Punishment, sounds good until the crime occurs on page 87 and then you have 400+ pages of mental punishment. Didn't realize *I* would be suffering from mental punishment as well. The Old Man and the Sea, surprised I didn't die from boredom. Beowolf. Apparently it wasn't difficult enough, let's read it in OLD English.

There were a few books that I did enjoy; The Catcher in the Rye, The Scarlet Letter, The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, Dante's Inferno, The Tell-Tale Heart.

Meanwhile, because we were doing so much reading and analyzing of the written piece (sometimes a cigar REALLY IS just a cigar), I never got to read for pleasure until the summer. And that's when I read fluff. Maybe that's why I still read fluff, I burned out too many brain cells reading literary works written years ago.

So what prompted all this blathering abt books? I was surfing my library's website earlier and put holds on a ton of books, except this time they are by current authors like Mary Higgins Clark or her daughter Carol Higgins Clark (I just finished reading Laced last month and put a hold on Zapped), Maggie Sefton and Monica Ferris. I'm also trying out a new author by the last name of Goldenbaum. Death by Cashmere is waiting for me at the library. Guess I better get started on Twenty Wishes.

If you've made it this far, good for you!!! That means you are either a lover of books and my post was entralling and gave you lots of ideas of books to read
you scrolled down hoping for some knitting updates. I've got none of those, but I ALWAYS have cute kitty pictures. Will that suffice?

All that reading made me sleepy.....

**as you can see, I started adding links to all the books listed, but that was taking WAY too much time. If you are interested in a title or auther, Google is your friend.


Anonymous said…
I am the ONLY reader in my family. My Mom would read movie magazines. My sister doesn't read at all. My Dad read the paper and then when he got older he would read Lee Iacocca's books.

Me? My nose was ALWAYS in a book. Still is.

Stephen is the same way.
SusieH said…
You know I LOVE the book love...

Richard Scarry books were Da Bomb when I was small and just learning to read. All those words! Wordswordswords...good stuff.
June said…
Yep, made it all the way through your post, with interest. I've always been a reader, and came from a family of readers. My children are readers and even the family cat reads with me every evening. She reads faster than me and is always reaching out her paw to get me to turn the pages faster! Of course, love the kitty photos!
Ruth said…
That was fun to be reminded of all those books. I did a RIF read-a-thon in grade school and won some sort of prize (obviously it didn't mean much since I don't remember what it was.) I would re-read all the "Little House on the Prairie" every summer. When I was older, I switched to all the "Anne of Green Gables". I managed to escape "Crime and Punishment", but "Beowulf" was horrible.

Sigh. Now I need to make a trip to the library.
Jane said…
We had to read Beowolf in Old English too. What's up with that?? I'm always reading, although lately almost all of it is via Audible.
Anonymous said…
Love the sock, adorable baby (of course), but don't know what I think about non-edible donuts. They would drive me nuts I fear! haha :)
aksunflour said…
Just about everyone reads in my fam. My DSis reads the most though.
Surprised that Alas Babylon wasn't on your list. But 20 Wishes is an excellent book.

And Richard Scary still have some of his books.
rita said…
I've given all of my grandkids some of Richard Scarry's books, and now I'm giving my oldest granddaughter books that I read in the late '50s and early '60s. I don't think she's interested in them, but I'll keep trying.

I was a fan of Alas, Babylon when I was 15. It scared the crap out of me. Anything of that genre still does. That's what growing up in the early '60s will do for you. And now I live within a few miles of the N Atlantic Fleet Navy command post. Inland WV, can you imagine that???

I love to read. All of my sisters do, too. I have to have books lined up in advance or I have to dip into the xanax.

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