Saturday Shopping

I was up early again today (what is wrong with me?!?!) so I decided to take a picture of my morning sky.

Since I was up early I decided to go out and weed before it got too hot. There are so many weeds that need to be pulled that normally the IO will just take the weed eater and whack them all down. Unfortunately the weeds are growing back thicker and lusher so I decided that I'm going to pull them out by hand.

This is proving to be much more painful than expected since I messed up my shoulder back in Jan and it's never been the same. Depending on how I move my arm, it can hurt so bad it brings me to tears. And the finger that got bit by my cat Caesar back in May will still hurt if I use it too much.

See, this is why I knit.

ANYWAY, since trying to get it all done in one shot is just too overwhelming for me, I go outside early and pull the equivalent of a wal-mart bag. It takes me abt an hour and so far I've pulled out abt 5 bags over the course of the past week. Sounds like a lot but when you see what still needs to be done, its peanuts. I figure by the time I get the front area done I will have to start over. OR I'll just have the IO whack the rest down.

Now that we are in August, we are switching our sites to the beginning of school. I know it may seem too soon, but we've been out since June 6th and we are ALL ready to go back. School officially starts Aug 18th with a meet the teacher on the 13th. I've already bought most of the supplies they will need, but there are a few things left to get. AND I need to pick up some shorts and sneakers for both kids. #1 Son will be easy to buy for, but Baby Girl will be a challenge. I refuse to put skimpy hip hugging, shorty shorts on her. She is 6 and should dress like a 6 y/o. I don't have a problem with sparkles and frills, just let me find something that fits her. She's got a long torso which makes it even more challenging. I may end up making her some if I can't find anything decent.

Last but not least, I have started my sock.

This is the hand dyed yarn by NH Knitting Mama and it is NICE! The picture doesnt do the colors justice. I cast on for my sock on the 31st, but I was getting some funky pooling. I'm not a big fan of the pooling and was hoping once I started the pattern (I'm using Blueberry Waffles since the yarn is like a bunch of yumy berries) it would break up the colors more. Nope. I took it out and last night I cast on again except with my 2.5mm dpns instead of the 2.25. MUCH better. It's giving me more of a swirly stripe which I'm MUCH happier with. I'm really enjoying working with this yarn so I'm hoping that I'll get them done in a couple of weeks.

Now I'm off to the mall with two kids. I'll be ready for a much needed knitting break when we get back!


Anonymous said…
Amanda's yarn is VERY pretty. Are you still doing the blueberry waffle pattern?
Life's a Stitch said…
Oh my gosh, summer hasn't even hit here yet and it smells like fall is in the air.
stitcherw said…
Fun new sock color, it's going to be so pretty finished. Baby Girl's shawl finised up great, it looks so light and airy I can see why she wouldn't want to wear it to much for fear of tearing it or something. Congrats on your earlier sock finish as well. Sorry about the one blue stripe being off, love the colors though.
aksunflour said…
Just wondering if you copied and pasted a paragraph from last year... clothes shopping. Having trouble finding clothes that say 3 yr old up here, everything is so "old" looking. And vintage is out w/us because all those dresses are short short.

Love your summer temps. (I posted another sunset pic)
Jane said…
Nice yarn! And you know that Blueberry Waffle pattern is one of my favotires.
Thanks for the good review of my yarn! Can't wait to see it grow into an FO!

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