Saturday Stuff

Before you all thing I'm becoming a cat blog (even though I *do* get more comments when I post the furry creatures), there has been some knitting going on. Here's an updated picture of my sweater.

I have a back!! This has taken me a little over 9 months to complete. At this rate I'll have it done in 2 years! But I REALLY want to have it finished for this year so I'll be casting on for the front later tonight. This is why I like socks, they don't take me as long to complete.

Speaking of socks, here is a progress shot of my blueberry waffles.

We are 1/2 way thru the month, and if I want to finish a pair by the end of August I need to pick up the pace to finish this one so I can start the 2nd. The pattern part of it is slowing me down a bit, esp now that I'm on the foot. I have to pay attention to what needle I'm on to see if I have to do the pattern or just straight knitting.

Last project OTN is my aunt's kitty blanket.

I'm using her grey along with some variegated blue I was gifted.

Speaking of grey, here is my sky.

I had to take it thru the window because my camera kept fogging up whenever I went outside. Hot and humid does that to technology. And I expect to have these grey skies for awhile. Apparently Fay will be stopping by for a visit. Here are my cones of destruction.

Last night at 11pm

This morning at 11AM

A couple of days ago it was turning into the ocean instead of Florida, and her track *could* turn sooner and she could be to the east of us, but it still looks like she's coming to visit so we need to clean up around the house. Also the rugrats start school on Monday, but it looks as if they will be home on Tues for a storm day. By the time she gets to me, she'll just be a tropical storm, so no worries of any major damage, but she's coming at a lousy time. Could we reschedule for a couple of weeks from now?


stitcherw said…
Congrats on getting the back done, hopefully the front moves a bit faster for you than the back did. I love the sock, the color is awesome. If you finish it and decide you really don't want it after all, I know a home for it. :)
Hope the storm passes by and doesn't do to much damage. This year has flown by, it doesn't seem possible that we're back in hurricane season. Cute kitty pictures in the previous post, Midnight my oldest is a polydactyl too.
June said…
Will be thinking about you as the storm approaches. I grew up in S.Fla. (lived in Orlando for awhile) and you are better prepared than we are in NC. This morning they said it might come over us! (foothills of NC) Love the kitty photos....bring 'em on! And of course, love the knitting too. I am having to force myself to work on socks these days!
SusieH said…
COne of Destruction - it's just wrong that I find the phrase so amusing :)

Hope all will be pretty smooth there...

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