Thursday Kitties

Princess says: I am the Princess, I am to be higher than the others.

Lucy says: That's fine when we are awake.....

...but *I* get the chair when we're sleeping.


June said…
Enjoyed your blog. Love the kitties and the butterflies! I just bought some of the Heart & Sole & wondered how it would look. "I'll be back!" ps. I used to live in Orlando!
KSee said…
at first I looked and thought you cropped two pictures together. Of all the places they could sleep they pick the oddest places. I think it is because it is OURS
Jenny said…
Cute photos! Darling kitties :)
stitcherw said…
Cute kitties as always, they're always so much fun to see.

Your afghan for the shelter in the earlier post was lovely. Some animal is going to be so comfy curled up on that, and look so cute when people come through. Too pooped is looking great too, you made a lot of progress.

So glad to see both of them were able to survive and turn into butterflies. I'm glad you were able to offset the sneaky spiders and save B2. Yup, letting go is hard, and it doesn't seem to get easier. DD is 25 and off on her own, and I'm still trying to make suggestions and keep her safe. She just rolls her eyes (sometimes obviously and sometimes mentally) and is so good at humoring me that I have some control, LOL. Good luck.

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