What a difference a Fay makes

Do you guys remember these photos of our lake back in February? (I used them for the letter D for drought)

Well just since Fay has passed thru, it has risen to this.

Quite the difference! Thankfully it still has lots more room to go before it would flood over into the streets.

And 15 min after I took today's Saturday Sky

it started to pour.

Look what else is out there

If I just recently moved here, this would scare the heck out of me, but since I've been here most of my entire life, I've learned the best you can do is live on high ground, stay prepared for hurricane season all year long, and get out of Dodge if it's anything higher than a Cat 3.

And while we're comparing pictures, remember these pictures of Baby Girl taken last year?

Here she is a year later wearing the same outfit.

I think it fits her much better now. And as she grows, it can eventually convert into a cute top. That's if it lasts that long.


Anonymous said…
Cute picture of baby girl. She is really getting good time out of that dress.

Has the storm made your area stink? Geez -- the swamp gas is going to kill us down here. YUCK!
Jade said…
Wow, they grow so fast, don't they? I hope the hurricane season will be easy on you!
Patricia said…
The news of the lake is great. SR 46 is still closed over here and the rain last night was not welcome. Your daughter looks lovely.
Jane said…
Little Miss will not be little much longer! She is so cute, and certainly has grown. You did end up with a lot of water there, and I hope the next batch of hurricanes does not add to it.
Becky said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. How has Gustav treated you? Y'all stay safe, y'hear?
Anonymous said…
I think it's wonderful you have made her a garment that she is able to get so much wear from in the first place. And she looks so adorable in it too.

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