Happy Fall!

Fall officially started today and apparently I haven't been going outside at the right times to enjoy the beginnings of it. A few of my fellow Floridian bloggers have said they can tell the air was a bit cooler (ok, less hot), and while it's still hot during the day, the mornings and nights are becoming more pleasant. Now you can go outside and do yard work w/o fear of heat stroke.


I definitely have delusions of grandeur when I go to the library to check out books. I end up with 10 different ones to bring home, but if I read 1 or 2 of them I'm doing well. So while I haven't read a ton of books these past couple of months, I have read a few. First up was:

Laced by Carol Higgins Clark. She is the daughter of Mary Higgins Clark and this is an entertaining light read. Her books are one word titles (Twanged, Hitched, Decked, etc) and each book gets better as she goes along. I read Laced in a couple of days and now I have the latest, Zapped. This is one I want to read, even though I've already had to renew it once. Thankfully as long as there isn't a waiting list for a book, I can renew it 2 more times.

Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber. This is the latest in her Blossom Street series. While I didnt care for the first couple of chapters, I kept reading because I really liked the others in this series. I'm glad I did because it turned out to be a very good book. There wasn't as much knitting content like the previous ones, but it was good nonetheless.

Dyer Consequences by Maggie Sefton. This is #5 in her series of knitting mysteries. What was cool abt this one was the mystery started at the end of book #4 and continued on into #5. You could still follow the book if you didn't read the previous one, but I tend to enjoy books in the order they were written so I would recommend reading them from the beginning.


I mentioned a couple of posts back that I was trying out two new recipes for the crock pot and if they were good, I would post them here. Well there was a reason why I haven't posted them. They were not good. The Chicken and Mushrooms recipe came out dry and the pot roast was tasteless. Oh did I mention these recipes were from a Slo-Cooker booklet by Prevention??? Nuff said. I think its time to pull out my Paula Deen books. Maybe then I'll have something exciting to post.

Speaking of recipes, R is for Recipes.
(insert picture of recipe books just waiting to be used)
I have abt 10 recipe books. Not much for some but more than enough for others. I also have a few old cookbooks from my aunt, mostly abt entertaining and social etiquette. Then I also have a drawer full of Taste of Home magazines and ANOTHER drawer full of recipes that I've cut out of newspapers and magazines that I want to try. In fact, I have abt 4 or 5 recipes for cheesecake that I plan on making and having a taste off to see which one is the best (delusional once again). Yet I still make the same 4 recipes over and over again.

(insert mosaic of red items I've owned in the past; red car, red door, red phone, red roses, red yarn, etc)


Wow, an actual picture! This is just a couple of skeins of my Regia stash. I still really like those colors and need to pull some out soon for a pair of socks.

I know, I really put forth a lot of effort for this letter. I'll be posting the letter S on Saturday so I'll at least have my sky to show off.

I'll leave you with one last picture.

Apparently it's the latest footwear for Florida, Texas and Louisiana. It's what all the fashionably flooded out girls are wearing.


Jacki said…
I don't have a large number of crock pot recipes on my good blog, but the ones I have are REALLY good! Def. try the Chicken and Dumplings!
Jane said…
Those "shoes" are hysterical.
SusieH said…
Those FlipHeels are insane!!
Baaaaaaaaaaaaad shoes!!

Try a pot roast in the crock pot and just add a jar of salsa and cook all day on low. Add a can of black beans, and you have the best fajita meat imaginable!
stitcherw said…
Now I have two books to track down, both the Debbie Macomber one and the Maggie Sefton one, I really like both series. As to the shoes, those are wild. I just can't imagine someone actually wearing them.
aksunflour said…
try a pot roast and a bottle of bbq sauce. rinse bottle w/a little bit of water and pour over roast along w/bbq sauce. Cook all day in crock pot- delish bbq sandwiches.

Love the shoes. Wonder how well they would go over at work.

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