Indecision Friday

Blogger was NOT my friend yesterday. I tried posting to SAM6 pretty much the entire day. It wouldn't post or save my entry and I finally gave up after HOURS of trying thru out the day. Today I'm reading my blogs and lo and behold! It's there!!!! I have no idea how, but my sock is posted and that's all I care abt.

I've been trying to figure out what yarn to use to cast on for my next sock. I have a bag of sock yarn I pulled out from the stash of ones I wanted to work on next. Of course when it came down to choose one, I didn't like any of them. So I dug in the closet and pulled out these.

Some Koigu that's been sitting in my closet for over a year. As I was putting some other stuff away I came across this and decided that THIS was going to be the next sock and rolled it into a ball.

Hmmmmm, now that its in a ball, I'm realizing its very similiar in color to the socks I just finished. So I pulled out some Paca Peds, rolled it into a ball and even started it last night!

Still really like the yarn but not the needle size or the ribbing. So I'm going to rip it out, change needles and do a 3x1 ribbing.

I think.

Meanwhile, I've got a very eager 6 y/o who wants to stitch herself an Ariel.

This works for me since I'm really not liking this project. I'd rather be working on Too Pooped, my kitty in the tree.


Dee said…
That's right. Get the next generation of stitchers started early!

See you don't have to go to stitching group. You can grow your own! LOL
Jane said…
Ooh, I love that Koigu! And that is one concentrating stitcher you have there.
SusieH said…
What a lovely baby girl pic. And ihave to say, isn't it nice to have three such gorgeous choices for the next sock? Yummy yarn!
Nice yarn, especially the Koigu! Somehow it takes me a little longer to decide what to do with Koigu.

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