One Long Hurricane Party

Well the tropics are a bit busy these days....

It's too early to tell which one(s), if any, will hit us here in Central Florida. We'll get more rain (which we don't need) and we'll have more beach erosion (which we also don't need). Meanwhile, I'm very happy I live on high ground.

Next in news is that I am now employed again (at least temporarily part time anyway) which I'm happy abt because I'm earning a bit of money, but not happy because it eats into my time to work around the house which eventually eats into my knitting time. However that doesn't mean I'm not getting things done! Here are two finished items I finished over the wknd.

This is my Waffles for Brunch vest for CIC. I was gifted the yarn to make up some items for CIC and I have to say it's pretty nice stuff. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky yarn in the color Grape. It knit up well and the yarn was really nice to work with. I started it on 8/17 and finished it around 8/25. I say *around* since it's supposed to have sleeves. I'm having a REALLY tough time with them so I decided that this *sweater* was meant to be a vest!

And these are my standard Super Quick Baby sock pattern that I like to use, but I added a bit more to the cuff and foot to fit maybe a 3 y/o instead of a 2 y/o. Either way they are the same size and will fit somebody. Sock #1 was done on 8/30 and #2 on 8/31. They only take me a couple of hours to do and I needed a break from the itty bitty needles. I used Lion Wool for these guys. First time I used this yarn as well and while it's ok, the Knit Picks wool was MUCH nicer to work with. If I made wool sweaters I would definitely use the KP wool.

I was hoping to have my other sock finished in time for SOS08, but I didn't make it. I'm just abt to start the gusset decreases and I'm hoping to be done by the wknd.....

.....while I watch the wind and the rain. Maybe I should think of knitting a boat.

Do felted items float?!


Nice vest and socks!

Felted items might float temporarily, but not with someone in them, if you were thinking of knitting an ark. :-)
Anonymous said…
I think felted items DO float!

Good luck with the new job.
Wendy said…
Wonderful vest and socks you've knitted. I like knitting socks as well. I hope the storm stays away from your area.
It's nice to have some income for more yarn and fabrics.
Life's a Stitch said…
Watching your weather from way up North. Sending you good thoughts.
aksunflour said…
good luck w/the new job. I decided not to take the one up here. only 40 cents more an hour for maybe 12 extra hours (not worth it!).

Have you tried knitting while sitting at stoplights? I tried but pulled the dpn out of the work- kind of defeated that purpose though.
Vivian said…
Good luck with the hurricane season! We can use more water on this coast, but probably not the wind.

I believe Deborah Newton has a knitted boat in her Unexpected Knitting. Not sure how well it floats, and she probably used a frame.
SusieH said…
Fingers crossed for you. Harriss flies home Tuesday eve, into MIami, so we are watching with eagle eyes as well.

LOVE the vest, color and style both. It really works as a vest, IMO.
KSee said…
Vest and socks look great. I have to try baby/kids socks soon. BSJ#2 has been ripped out twice now.

Hope Ike stays away.
Anonymous said…
Good job, on both. I have to say I do appreciate the comments about the different wools being used. I find that helpful when I am trying to decide what I want to use for some projects, and believe me I have taken note of your thoughts on the matter. It's one of the other benefits of reading fellow bloggers. You not only are entertained, but educated at the same time. Kitty, as always, is delightful. :)

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