A Puzzle of a Sweater

Remember this charity sweater I was knitting on?

Well I finished it last night and this is what it looked like when I cast off.

Hmmmm. Not much of a sweater.

Maybe if I turn it 90 degrees

and fold it in half

Voila! A sweater!

Pretty nice after I weave in all the ends.

Stats on this sweater are:

Started: 9/11/08
Finished: 9/29/08
Total Project Time: 18 days

Pattern used: Warm Woolies Super Simple Sweater
Size: 2-4(more like 18 months to me)
Yarn: Some unknown wool off of eBay. I used the rest of it up and had to use abt 2 or 3 inches of Paton's Black and Germantown Navy blue to finish it off. (it's hard to see it in the pic since I took it last night with lousy lighting)

I'm glad that I'm almost done with that mystery wool from eBay. I've bought other wool off eBay before that was fine, but this stuff is itchy!! I'm just glad the child will be wearing a shirt under this. Definitely NOT what you want against your skin. I only have a little bit left in red to use up and then it's GONE!

Not all yarn is itchy, however. Some yarn is soft and yummy and oh so beautiful! What am I speaking of? Well on Saturday I got this in the mail.


Brenda from Molecular Knitting was having a contest and my random number came up! Thanks, Brenda!! The added stuff was really a nice touch.

Isn't this gorgeous yarn?

There is 550yds of this stuff, definitely more than a pair of socks so I'm not sure what I will make with it. Any suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said…
I don't have any suggestions about what to do with the new yarn, but I will say it is darn pretty!

Don't forget ... I have a knitting group on Tuesday mornings. If you ever want to join us, you are more than welcome. We meet at the Border's in Oviedo.
Vivian said…
550 yds is enough for a small shawl. That's a very pretty color!
Life's a Stitch said…
I LOVE surprises liek that. I've been lucky, too, recently.
SusieH said…
Mmmmm, PRETTY!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, that's a really nice surprise gift. I am very happy for you. I also see you are going to have lots of pretty socks in time, from the picture of all that sock yarn you have stashed. Can we ever have enough?

I don't know about what the Weatherman is predicting for peak Fall season here in PA, but I think we have peaked already around our house. The leaves have been falling steadily for days now, and many trees are already naked. I am still enjoying tomatoes from my garden though. I picked all the green ones and they are now nice and red and ripe..........yummy too.
Take care :)
Ruth said…
Two pairs of socks?

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