S is for

Saturday Sky

It was a beautiful morning, could even open the sliding door, but it has sinced warmed up to 86.

Sock Yarn Stash

This was taken back in May. I had enough for 90+ pairs of socks. Over the summer I slowly went thru it and liberated the yarn that would not be used in my lifetime. Plus I decided that some of the sock yarn would be relegated toward some scarves I want to knit up.

Here is my new and improved sock stash.

I'm down to 37 pairs of socks. It even fits into this handy dandy Ziploc bag!

I got these bags on clearance and knew they'd be perfect for the yarn stash. Since my charity yarn lives in the same closet as my sock yarn, I figured it would be good to bag them up as well.

Here is my charity acrylic stash

and my charity wool stash.

I have quite a bit of each, but what is nice is that the charity yarn was either free or $1/skein. It balances out the sock yarn which was NOT free or $1/skein.

Show Me Your Socks Contest

Jane is having her annual "Show Me Your Socks" Contest and this is my entry. She wanted us to share our favorite sock pattern and a sock that we used that pattern in. I tend to use plain vanilla patterns and let the sock yarn do the talking for me. These are my favorite socks, Lorna's Laces sport weight yarn in a 3x1 rib. These are the socks I pull out the most during the cooler months. The contest is running until tomorrow night so you can still enter.

While digging in the closet I found some projects that need to come out and play.

My seasonal fall project

and my snowman.

I also came across Queen Ann's Lace that I meant to use for the letter Q.

She's turning into a lifetime project. She's not quite 10 years old yet, but she's getting close.


stitcherw said…
Loved all the yarn, so colorful. I think you're set for a bit. The ziplocks are so useful, I use the different sizes for all kinds of storage too, they are so practical, and my favorite project bags as they keep everything together and clean. As to Queen Anne, I have a Halloween project about that old, and not half as detailed, so I don't think that's bad for a WIP at all. Cute kittie pictures earlier, you manage to get them in the funniest poses.
Vivian said…
Don't you just love those huge ziploc bags? Even better, once the air is squeezed out, there is more space for yarn.
Patricia said…
I had to laugh and empathize with this post. I have so much sock yarn, I probably will never be able to knit it all up. the trouble is, there is so much lovely yarn out there. The cross stitch is also something that I have in a box. I have a similar angel that I have been working on, on and off, for a decade. Glad to read that I'm in good company.

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