Saturday Sigh

Saturday was a weird day. While we had sunny skies,

it was hot and humid. You could really FEEL the heat like a weight on your shoulders. So what did I do? I stayed inside and played with wool! Even that took a while to make me feel good. I avoided my sock

and my sweater since I'm at areas that require thinking. So instead I cast on for some mindless knitting.

There is a group on Ravelry that is collecting 7" squares for blankets that will eventually be sent to Warm Woolies. So I did one for them.

This is the same Lion Wool I used for the Children in Common socks, plus a tan wool from the stash. Then I decided to cast on for another vest.

Still the same Lion Wool except this time I'm using some Paton's black wool. It's amazing how the same yarn paired with a different color produces three different looks.

By the end of the night, I had organized a pile of patterns for scarves I want to make and another pile of patterns for kid projects. I pulled out some of the yarn I want to use, plus 3 different yarns for my next pair of socks. PLUS I ended up watching 3 hours of Comedy Central which made a BIG difference in my funk. Thank you George Lopez and Jeff Dunham! If you can check out Jeff Dunham, I recommend it. His characters of Walter and Akmed the Terrorist are HYSTERICAL!

As long as I have the fan and the a/c, I'm a happy camper.


rita said…
I love your cat!!! Tigers are my weakness.

My daughter lives just south of Orlando and works in "entertainment" at Disney. I get down there about 6 times a year, and I'm just waiting for the end of October!
SusieH said…
Here's to de-Funking! Is that the terrorist character who says I keeeeel you? Will have to go look him up. That one cracks me up, though.
KSee said…
Hannah visited us on Saturday. 24 hours of rain the wind did not come until the rain left. Oh, to be a kitty.
aksunflour said…
lovely skies and you are right about the different colors going together. Kind of odd.

Hope all is well on your homefront.
Deborah said…
oh gosh, it seems that I too shift patterns around, sort them, prioritize them and drool over them but the pile seems to always go back to shambles...
Nan said…
I just love that shot of the kitty, so cute!

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