Sticking with the Status Quo

So what did I end up doing last night? I made cake!

Then I cast on 60 sts with my 2.5mm needles.** I'm realizing that I'm a vanilla sock kind of girl. Give me a basic ribbing for my sock and I'm happy. And while there are easy 2 row ribbing (Twin Rib and Thuja come to mind), 3x1 is my fave. Which leads me to this.

Not as far as I'd like to be, but I also worked on a charity sweater and cast on for the front of MY sweater last night as well.

I also finished this in a few hours.

This is another Odd Ball Blanket for Warm Woolies. It's called Life's A Beach and my part is the dark tan and seafoam green. These blankets are a great way to use up some of my acrylic stash. I've signed up for 2 more. They remind me of the cross stitch round robins I used to do back in the late 80s.

And for those who have come to see my sky, here you go.

According to the local high school weather station, its 90 with a heat index of 97. Can't you just FEEL Fall in the air?!? If you do, you obviously don't live in Florida.

Coming soon will be book reports, recipe results and weird web sites I've come across. I also will be posting my letter R. I'm a bit behind in that. You'd think the letter R would be a bit easier to figure out...

And what about us?! I remember when you would devote an ENTIRE DAY to us! Hmph.

**I'm really not liking my 2.5 needles. They are my Phildar dpns that I bought on line. I'm getting lots of wear marks from use. Say what you want abt Susan Bates, but those needles still look good! Unfortunately they don't make a 2.5mm needle and I really don't like the 2.25.


SusieH said…
Likin' the colours on that blankie. Very beachy, somehow...
stitcherw said…
Great kittie picture, I love the eyes, they really convey an attitude, LOL. Your yarn cakes are lovely, and nice start on the new socks. The blue coloring reminds me of my poor pittiful 1 1/2 pair. One of these days.....

So how did she do on the Ariel piece? Do we have another stitcher in the works? She looked very intent on stitching in your previous post. Perfect picture with the Ariel teeshirt stitching an Ariel design. :)
aksunflour said…
LOL! This morning was around 30 F. I can definitely feel fall in the air. But at the same time we are getting lightening and thunder storms. Very odd.

I love plain vanilla socks- super easy. Especially w/kids.

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