Why is it...

...that people made such a big fuss over a wardrobe malfunction in which you need to play in slo-mo and PAUSE to really see anything, yet nobody has an issue with a 30 second commercial on ere(t!le disfunction? My kids watched both games and didn't notice a thing abt Janet's b**b, but guess what they DID notice during today's Dolphin game?

To think, the only embarassing commercial when I was their age was Susie wasn't feeling so *fresh*. And even then my grandfather would walk away.

I can't bear to watch.......


Anonymous said…
I SO agree with you.

Now there has been ads on for personal lubricants -- his AND hers.

How do you say embarrassment --- watching TV with your son when one of "THOSE" ads come on.

I've seen others for male enhancement. And, it wasn't all that late at night either. Sheesh!
Mark and Judy said…
aMEN! I'm happy for folks who are still enjoying their 'marital due' after many years pass. But there's no need to share. YIKES!
Anonymous said…
Wow, a kindred spirit. I've been bitching about those commercials forever it seems. They don't embarrass me, but the times they are shown infuriates me. I no longer have children in the home, but when I see and hear those commercials on in the early afternoon hours, and that is quite often, it makes me so angry! I guess it's just more proof this is a "man's world." Like it not! Do you think if we started a write-in campaign it would help? :)

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